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Are you looking for Minecraft HQM modpacks ATLauncher. Well, in that launcher, you are able to find and use HQM modpacks. What are they? Here, we will inform you about it so you have to make sure that you do not miss any information about it.

When you access ATLauncher, you are able to find some HQM modpacks. In the list below, there are HQM modpacks ATLauncher that you are able to get.

  • Journey to The Core

It is the islandic volcano Snaefellsjokull which is a cave system which are dark and dangerous. There is a rumor that deep underground there are a lot of treasures. But, no one can survive the trip. It is a HQM hardcore challenge modpack based on the story of Journey To The Center Of The Earth. You will start your trip in a small cave on the overworld and then move further down dimension by dimension slowly until you are able to reach the core. Here, the physics are real, the darkness is overwhelming and the enemis are smarter.

  • Magicality: The Next Dimension

It is a heavily story driven and heavily edited Minecraft experience. Here, you will find a lot of magical mods, follow your own story, and lead the fight against those block stealing foe’s.

  • Bevo’s Tech Pack

It is fully updated with more tech goodness added. It also comes with a HQM story and quests. It has the 1.7.10 tech based modpack with the usual favorites and some new tech mods like Magneticraft, Immersive Engineering, NuclearCraft and many more. There are two versions of the pack that you are able to download including “1710-#-Full” and “1710-#-Mini”. If you download the full version of BTP with all the optional mods, it is important for you to note that it is designed for good computers. If you do not have a very good computer, the optional mods are not recommended for you. How about a mini version of BTP? It is designed to require significantly less resources from your computer or server. So, if the full version is too much for you, then you can choose the mini version.

ATLauncher is a Minecraft launcher which is easy and simple to use. It has 255 different modpacks and it includes 115 public modpacks for you to use. The reason why this launcher is different from other launchers and modpacks is because it fully supports the mod makers. This launcher has a lot of features including:

  • It permits you to install Modpacks easily and quickly.
  • There are multiple instances. You can install a pack as many times as you like and you can do that without messing up a previous install.
  • A range of different packs can be found and used. Packs will be added more and more all the time.
  • If you have multiple accounts, you are allowed to login as different users from one install.
  • Private instances are available and they permit you to be only able to install instances under your account.
  • There is 1 click backup of your saves.
  • You can find easy server creation from within the Launcher.
  • You are able to install packs from CurseForge.
  • There are mod management for instances and those are auto download and installation of mods, maps and resource packs from CurseForge.
  • There will be added more features.

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