Minecraft How to Make Dispenser Keep Shooting

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In Minecraft, dispenser is a solid block which is used as a redstone component to dispense items. You are able to mine it by using pickaxe, in which case it drops itself and its contents. If you mine it without a pickaxe, the dispenser will drop only its contents.

A dispenser is able to be used as a container and as a redstone component that dispenses items when it is activated and the results vary on the item dispensed. To put a dispenser, you have to use it while pointing at a surface adjacent to the space it should occupy.

Talk about a dispenser, you may want to know how to make a dispenser loop or keep shooting in Minecraft. You are able to follow the steps below to know how to make a redstone dispenser loop in the game.

  • First, you have to put a dispenser down, and a wooden pressure plate in front of it.
  • After that, you need to connect the dispenser and the pressure plate with redstone.
  • In this step, the thing that you have to do is to invert the signal. You can do that by using a solid block with a torch on the other side or on top of the block with redstone which goes into it. When power comes in, the torch turns off, inverting the signal. You can use the inverter on the redstone wire.
  • Next, put a big stack of items in the dispenser. You need to know that arrows do not work, as it flies over the pressure plate. You have to disconnect and reconnect the redstone wire to start it up.
  • In this step, you will realize that when items hit the pressure plate, it sends a signal to the dispenser to drop more items onto the pressure plate.
  • If you want to use it as a pulser, you must put 2 multiplied by how many times you need it to pulse of items into the dispenser, because two items are released on each pulse.

If you want to know more about dispenser in Minecraft like how to make an automatic rapid dispenser,  you can watch some videos below to help you.

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You can also read the other article in this site to know how to make a dispenser and how to make a firework. So, good luck for you.

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