Minecraft How to Install Mods on Xbox

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Do you want to install mods on Xbox? You may play Minecraft by using Xbox and now you want to add mods to it. But, is it possible? As we know that mods can be added to PC but we do not really know that we can install mods on Xbox. So, let’s find out information about it here.

Before we inform you about the possibility to add mods in Minecraft Xbox and also how to install it, it is better to know about the mod itself. Mod is actually short for modification. In Minecraft, this is something which alters anything in the game from its original state to a different state.

Mods are able to add new recipes to craft, add or change creatures in the game and change the way the game plays in even more drastic ways. Even there are also mods which work behind the scenes to make the game run better, look better or even add new features like virtual reality support. So, the existence of mods in Minecraft can make it a lot more fun to play.

If you want to use mods, it will be a matter of personal preference. It is because it really depends on what you want to change about Minecraft. If you do not know which mod that you will use, you are able to check out a list of the best available Minecraft mods or you are able to visit a reputable source for mods. To know what mods that you need, you are able to ask yourself with these questions:

  • What do you want to add or change on Minecraft?
  • Do you like purely cosmetic changes or do you want major gameplay changes?
  • Do you want new recipes to craft or do you want to feel a brand new adventure or world?

If you have found the mods that you want, now it is time to install it. For your information, mods for Xbox are called add-ons. You are able to buy them from Minecraft store which you are able to access from inside the game. There are not many add-ons available buy you are able to find skin packs, texture packs, worlds, and what Microsoft calls “Mashups” in the store. Here are the steps to install add-ons or mods for your Minecraft Xbox.

  • First, you have to launch Minecraft on a platform that has received the Better Together update such as Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows 10 and more.
  • Now, you have to click Store.
  • In this step, you need to locate a skin pack, texture pack, world or mashup that you want.
  • Then, you need to click Unlock. If you do not have enough Minecoins, you are able to click the + in the upper right corner of the screen to buy Minecoins. Also, you will get the prompt to buy Minecoins after you click on Unlock if you do not have enough.
  • Automatically, the add-on will be installed.

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