Minecraft How to Harvest Honey

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If you want to harvest honey in Minecraft, the first thing you need to do is to find Bees. These bees are able to be found on three types of biomes; the plains, Sunflower plains and Flower forests. There are two types of trees; Oak and Birch that have bees nest where there are Honeycombs from which you are able to harvest Honey.


Apparently, there are some methods that you can do to harvest honey in Minecraft.

  • The first method to harvest honey is to find a beehive and a honeycomb. The bees are mostly inside the beehive or the honeycomb. If you try harvest honey during this time, usually the bees turn to be very aggressive and attack. So, the only time to harvest the honey is during the day time. The bees move out to get pollen seeds from the flowers. Thus, you will be able to collect the honey in bottles.

  • The second method to harvest honey is to use campfire under the honeycombs. The Campfire makes smoke that forces these bees out of the honeycomb and one can easily collect the honey. Usually, the honeycombs are filled with honey up to 5 cycles. One is able to use a shear a type of tool to open the honeycomb and the beehive without damaging them.
  • The third method to harvest honey is to make an Artificial farm. Also, you are able to collect the honeycombs and make a beehive of your own. For your information, the materials you need for this is planks and 3 honeycombs are going to craft you a Beehive. This beehive features the same as the Honeycomb. You are able to rear bees helping you to produce more honey. So, you will know if you want more of the beehives, you are able to help the bees to collect more honey. Actually, there is a simple method where one is able to plant flowers around the beehives so that the bees are able to finish their work and return quickly to produce more honey. One the beehive is full with honey you will be able to collect.
  • The fourth method to harvest honey is using the Automatic dispenser. This dispenser is the machine developed in the game used to collect honey. It is able to attach bottles or shears to collect the honey then the honeycombs have reached level five. Also, you are able to use a red stone block in this unit to help it work without any hassles.
  • The fifth method to harvest honey is to setting up your own flower garden. The important thing to Harvest honey in Minecraft is to find the Bees. So, if you have a farm of your own with flowers these bees are going to come to you. One can set up farms using the honey block and connect them with the above units.

Well, the text above is a list of methods to harvest honey in Minecraft. Anyone can harvest honey in Minecraft easily.

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