Minecraft Grindstone XP Glitch

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Minecraft grindstone can be described as the name of the unique utility block. This one is able to be used in repair or for removing enchantments. Have you ever wanted to duplicate an item like Minecraft grindstone in Minecraft? And do you know that most of these glitches need two players? Are you facing any issue connecting to these players just to find the glitch is not working properly?

Well, that is easy, you will learn how to easily duplicate Minecraft grindstone with only a player. Keep in mind that it only works on survival mode, as you cannot store anything in chests in creative mode. It should also work on most devices, and it may not work on the Xbox or computer version.

Step 1: Gather your materials

You will need:

  • 1 chest (any size)
  • Minecraft grindstone

Step 2: Place the item

You need to place any amount of Minecraft grindstone in the chest. If the chest is empty, it will be easier to get the item back out later. Aside from Minecraft grindstone, you are able to use any item that you want to duplicate.

Step 3: Close out of the chest

Now, you will be able to see the little X button located in the corner of the chest. Upon seeing this, please press it and you will return to your game.

Step 4: Open the chest

In the guide, you will see things asking to wait 12 seconds or wait 20 second. The result will be the same so do not waste your time by waiting. Once again, you do not even need to wait and just open the chest after you close it.

Step 5: Back to inventory

Now, open the chest back up and touch Minecraft grindstone that you just placed in your chest. It will place it in the inventory.

Step 6: Close out

You are able to close out of Minecraft completely. Apparently, going to your home page of your device is not going to work, so you need to double tap your home button, slide up and then return to the homepage of your device.  This is a method for an Apple device.

Step 7: Open back up

Open Minecraft back up.

Step 8: Open up the chest

You are going to open back up the chest.

Step 9: Behold the glorious power of the glitch

You will have double of the Minecraft grindstone that you just placed in the chest.

The glitch above is the one for duplicating items like Minecraft grindstone. If you want to get XP, the method is different. Actually, using glitch in the game is not recommended as it breaks the rule. You might get punished if you use it so please think twice before you do it. If you want to get more XP, the best ways include animal breeding, Mine Nether Quartz, slay pigmen, enderman farm, and monster spawner far. Feel free to try any way that you think the best.

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