Minecraft Grindstone vs Anvil

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A Minecraft grindstone refers to a kind of block that is naturally generated in Minecraft villages, specifically in the village blacksmiths. In order to use the Minecraft grindstone, you will have to combine two items of the same type, forging a new one with the combined durability plus 5% up to the maximum durability of that item type. Keep in mind that both of them are consumed in the process and all enchantments are removed, returning the enchantments cost to you in the form of experience points.

Aside from that, a Minecraft grindstone is also able to be used to remove all non-curse enchantments from a single item. You can just simply place your enchanted item in either input slot and it will disenchant. In addition, the Minecraft grindstone will also remove any prior work penalty from items, except cursed items.

If you want to craft a Minecraft grindstone in Minecraft, you will need 2 sticks, 2 wooden planks, and 1 stone slab. In order to craft it, the first thing that you have to do is to place the two sticks in the left and right corners of the top row, with the stone slab in the middle of the row, and then place the two planks in the left and right of the middle row. For those who have not used stone slabs before, you are able to create these by using a Minecraft blast furnace and cobblestone.

Minecraft grindstone vs anvil

An anvil is the name of the interactive blocks that are able to be used to repair items, rename a certain block or item, or combine enchantments on items. This one is the special interactive block. It has two modes to repair that have a durability rating.

  • Just like Minecraft grindstone, you may repair items by combining two of the same items. However, the target will keep the enchantments of it and may earn new ones from the other items, and the bonus durability is 12%, rather than 5%.
  • As alternative, you are able to use materials originally required in the crafting of the item (iron ingots for iron items with durability, diamonds for diamond items with durability) in order to repair a single item. A material will repair ΒΌ of the maximum durability of the tool.

In addition, you are able to rename any item, not just the ones with durability, by using an anvil. Enchanted books are used if you want to enchant tools, and an anvil is required to combine them with tools and armor. You need to get 39 levels to be able to repair an item with a lot of enchantments.

Once again, an anvil will also repair your items, but you are also able to combine enchantments and rename items. Basically, if you want enchantments to remain, then you are recommended to use an anvil. Or, if you just want to enchant away and do not have to repair your items, an enchantment table is the perfect tool.

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