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Green Lantern is the name of a superhero published by DC Comics. When appearing in All American Comics #16 (July 1940) for the first time, they wield a ring that is able to conjure objects out of their imagination, powered by their willpower and determination.

Green Lanterns are usually members of the Green Lantern Corps, the name of an intergalactic police force that battles evil when possible. This one was available in the Superheroes Unlimited mod in version 1.7, though their costume, ring, and lantern are able to only be access via trading with Stan Lee. Whilst wearing it, you will be granted your abilities. Apparently, it was removed during the transition to the abandoned version 5.0.

There have been some people to take on the Green Lantern persona, including engineer Alan Scott, teacher Guy Gardner, pilot Hal Jordan, freelance artist Kyle Rayner, architech John Stewart, student Jessica Cruz, and former hoodlum Simon Baz. There are a few kinds of different origins for those who wield the various rings and lanterns, with most of them being lied to the Green Lantern Corps, a law enforcement organization related to the Guardians of the Universe. The oldest civilization in popular existence, the Guardians swore to protect the universe after one of their release an evil force whilst attempting to discover the creation of the universe. After a failed effort with a group of robots known as Manhunters, the Guardians decided to bestow their power amongst various individuals from a variety of alien races throughout the universe, thinking it to be fairer compared to giving it to just one civilization in particular. To that end, the Guardians made power rings created from the emeralds of their home planet Oa.

Unlike most characters in the mod, the thing named Green Lantern is not able to be crafted via the Hero-Marker, instead you are able to get their Power Ring and Battery by trading willpower orbs with Stan Lee. Both of them will cost 64 each and serve different purposes. When you right click it, the ring of Green Lantern will equip you with a Green Lantern costume, allowing you to use its abilities. As for the battery, it will suit when it gets more than 1,000 points of damage and rechange the ring. In order to use it, you will have to be wearing the suit of the Green Lantern. When you right click it, it will take both the suit and the power ring out of your inventory. Once recharged and right clicked by you, the battery will give the ring back to you.

Whilst wearing the suit of Green Lantern, you are given Speed 5 (7 when printing), Strength 6, Acrobatics 2, Fire Resistance, Underwater Breathing and Flight. Aside from the Green Lanterns will also be immune to damage enemies (Suit Ability 1 Key) and conjure Willpower Equipment (Weapon Equip Key, change with Suit Ability 2 Key). The equipment of the Green Lantern includes Willpower Sword, Willpower Axe, Willpower Hoe, Willpower Bow, Willpower Shovel, and Willpower Pickaxe.

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