Minecraft Forge Installer Won’t Open

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Are you experiencing that the Minecraft Forge installer does not open? If you experiencing it now, you may not know what happen and what you should do. And even some of you when facing this kind of problem, you decide to stop using it.

Well, it happens to you, you are able to try to fix it by yourself. The first thing that you are able to do is to restart your PC. You can shut it down and then start it again. Usually, this simple method can fix any problem. But, if this issue is still there, you are able to try to use the method that is done by a Youtube channel named WhiteTech. In this Youtube channel, there is a video entitled Minecraft| How to Fix and Open the Forge Installer.

In his video, the fix is very easy to do. You are able to download something on the description of the video. In the description section of the video, there is a link that you are able to click and download. After you download the Jarfix, you have to open it up and when there is a message saying if you want to permit this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your PC, you are able to click on Yes. Then, press OK on another pop up message. In the video, you are able to see that it works and he can open the Forge Installer.

If you have tried the method what WhiteTech does, but then it cannot work for you, you are able to try to ask other players on Minecraft forum about it. You are able to get a help from them how to fix the Minecraft Forge installer which cannot open. Every player has their own experience in playing Minecraft and usually you will find various ways to fix it and you are able to try it one by one if they give you some methods to fix this issue.

Now, we want give you information how to install Minecraft Forge. If you have had a Minecraft Forge and you want it, you are able to get it. First, you have to make sure that you have downloaded Minecraft on your PC and you must have run it at least for once. Then, you are able to visit Minecraft Forge site and you will be brought to a downloading page of Minecraft Forge. Here, you have to click on Installer button which is suitable with your PC. After that, you have to click on Skip in the top right side of it. After clicking on it, Forge file will be downloaded.

After it is downloaded, you have to install it. You can click on Forge icon twice. If you get a message saying that you must install Java, you can visit java.com/en/download/ through your browser and click on link Free Java Download and then click on Agree and Start Free Download. Install it after it is downloaded. Now, make sure that the box Install Client has been marked and then click on OK. If it is required, click on OK button and then the process of installing it has been done.

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