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If you are looking for Minecraft Exchangers mod, you are able to find it in the CurseForge site. There, you will be able to find Exchangers mod for your Minecraft which was created by Jackyy with art by ColossalPercy. This mod adds a group of Exchanger items which are inspired by the Exchanges added by EnderTech.

This mod offers you a lot of different block exchangers, from vanilla-based, to supporting the 4 major tech mods such as Ender IO, Thermal Expansion, Mekanism and Immersive Engineering. For the balancing goal to provide a linear progression, all of the Exchangers are tier-based. You have to upgrade from the previous tier to a higher tier so that you will be able to get a better Exchanger. Now, this mod is available for 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12.

Exchangers are able to be used to be able to exchange blocks in the world with blocks in the inventory of the players. If a block is shift right clicked in the world, it will be chosen. If you right click another block in the world, it will swap it with the chosen block, and it costs durability of Redstone Flux (RF).

Exchanges beyond the Wooden Exchanger are able to swap multiple blocks. If you hit the “,” key, it will be able to change the mode of the Exchanger so that it will permit for more blocks to be swapped at once.

There are a lot of exchangers that you are able to find in this mod. Here they are:

  • Tuberous Exchanger
  •  Wooden Exchanger
  •  Stone Exchanger
  •  Golden Exchanger
  •  Iron Exchanger
  •  Diamond Exchanger
  •  Emerald Exchanger
  • Obsidian Exchanger
  • End Exchanger
  • Creative Exchanger
  • Conductive Iron Exchanger
  • Pulsating Iron Exchanger
  • Electrical Steel Exchanger
  • Energetic Exchanger
  • Dark Steel Exchanger
  • Vibrant Exchanger
  • End Steel Exchanger
  • LV Exchanger
  • MV Exchanger
  • HV Exchanger
  • Basic Exchanger
  • Advanced Exchanger
  • Elite Exchanger
  • Ultimate Exchanger
  •  Leadstone Exchanger
  • Hardened Exchanger
  • Reinforced Exchanger
  • Signalum Exchanger
  • Resonant Exchanger

What about the features of this mod? There are a lot of features that you are able to enjoy in this mod. Those are listed below.

  • The durability/ RF capacity are configurable for all exchangers, except the special variants.
  • RF usage per block for all RF-based exchangers are configurable.
  • All RF-based exchangers can support Forge Energy (FE).
  • All vanilla-based exchangers, except Wooden Exchangers, are able to be repaired with the correct materials in Anvil.
  • Regular Exchangers are able to exchange up to a 15×15 area and it depends on the tier. Creative Exchangers are able to exchange up to 25×25 area.
  • There are config options to be able to tweak recipe difficulties. There are 3 difficulties including hard, normal and easy. The normal is the default option. Modpack makers are able to choose whatever preset that they want or they are able to use CraftTweaker to make their own recipes.
  • The indicators for the current exchanger area can be found besides crosshair.
  • There are 3 different exchange modes including Plane, Horizontal Column and Vertical Column. You are able to switch between them by using the Mode Switch key, bound to Semicolon by default.
  • There is a config option for Silk Touch mode which is enabled by default.

If you want to know more features of this mod, you are able to access CurseForge site.

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