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You are able to add EssentialsX plugin in Minecraft. In that plugin, there are a lot of commands that you are able to use to do certain actions in the game. So here, we will give you the information about Essentials Commands and we give you a list of them.

What is EssentialsX? It is the essential plugin for Spigot servers which provides core features for servers of any size and scale. The features that you can use are included in the list below.

  •  It has player-made homes.
  • It has server warps and kits, either server-wide or per-world.
  • Player-to-player private messages, teleports and teleport requests.
  • There are custom player nicknames.
  • You are able to find and use various moderation tools including kicks, temporary bans, mutes and jails.
  •  It has built-in economy features including sign shops, command costs and full Vault support.

If you want to use the commands of this plugin, you need to know the reference of the commands so that you will know how to use the commands.

  • <param>:           Required Parameter
  • [param]:             Optional Parameter
  • /<command>   The command you type into Minecraft.

From the list above, it means that if you use the commands, it is required for you to use < param > format while [param] format is optional. So, if you want to type the command into Minecraft, you have to use this format /<command>.

Command Aliases Description Syntax
repair fix, efix, erepair


It will repair the durability of one or all items. /<command> [hand|all]


editsign sign, esign, eeditsign It will edit a sign in the world /<command> <set/clear> <line number> [text]
msgtoggle emstoggle


It will block receiving all private messages /<command> [player] [on|off]


settpr [esettpr, settprandom, esettprandom] It will set the random teleport location and parameters. /<command> [center|minrange|maxrange] [value]
setjail esetjail, createjail, ecreatejail It can create a jail where you specified named [jailname]. /<command> <jailname>


 help ehelp It will view a list of available commands. /<command> [search term] [page]


 mute emute, silence, esilence It can mute or unmute a player. /<command> <player> [datediff]
spawner changems, echangems, espawner, mobspawner, emobspawner. It can change the mob type of a spawner. /<command> <mob> [delay]


powertool epowertool, pt, ept


This command can be used to                 assign a command to the item in hand. You are able to use ‘c:’ as the command to make a chat macro. You are able to use ‘a:’ to append multiple commands. You are able to use ‘r:’ to remove a single command. You are able to use ‘l:’ to list all power tools. And you are able to use ‘d:’ to remove all power tools. /<command> [l:|a:|r:|c:|d:][command] [arguments] ({player} is able to be replaced by the name of a clicked player.)


weather rain, erain, sky, esky, storm, estorm, sun, esun, eweather. It can set the weather.


/<command> <storm/sun> [duration]


 tpall Etpall It can teleport all online players to another player. /<command> <player>


condense econdense, compact, ecompact, blocks, eblocks, toblocks, etoblocks It can condense items into more compact blocks. /<command> [<itemname>|<id>|hand|inventory]


Well, you are able to see the complete commands of EssentialsX on the EssentialsX Info website.

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