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In Minecraft, the standard galactic language is the name of enchanting table language. It originated in Commander Keen. When you see the letters, you may have no idea about it. And now, you wonder what the meaning of it is. To understand the Enchantment Table Language or the Standard Galactic Language, you need a translator.

If you want to translate the letters of the standard galactic language, actually there are a lot of tools that you are able to use. However, the words do not correlate to the enchantment that you get. It is nothing except a fun easter egg. While you are able to translate the enchanting language in Minecraft, it is not helpful at all.

So, what tool can we use to translate these standard galactic languages? One of the Minecraft enchanting table language translators or a tool that you are able to use to translate the standard galactic language is Lingojam site. If you access that site, you are able to find the Standard Galactic Alphabet Translator. The use of this site is easy so that everyone can use it. You just have to enter the letters of the Standard Galactic Alphabet on the right side and then the meaning will be in English on the left side. If you want to enter a word and you want to know the standard Galactic Alphabet of that word, then you are able to enter the word on the left side.

Do you have any suggestions for improving this translator? If so, you have a chance to send your idea about that. Under the translator, you are able to find a suggestion box to enter your suggestions. After entering your suggestions, click on the Send button.

Is there any other Enchantment Table Language translator other than the Lingojam? Yes, there is. You are able to find the Standard Galactic Alphabet Decoder that you are able to access at www.dcode.fr/standard-galactic-alphabet. On this site, you can find the decoder for translating the Standard Galactic Alphabet. Also, you are provided with the Standard Galactic Alphabet Symbols. So, if you want to enter the alphabets of Standard Galactic, you just have to click on the symbols available there. If you have entered the Standard Galactic Alphabets, you have to press on the Decrypt button. And then, you are able to see the result of the meaning of the letters in the left side of the screen, exactly in the Result section.

It is important to know that the Standard Galactic Alphabet is a series of 26 symbols which replace the 26 letters of the classic Latin alphabet. The writing of an English text is filled with a replacement character by character. The reading of the alphabet is a replacement symbol after symbol by the corresponding letters.

The compositions of the alphabets are symbols with runic inspiration. It is used in some video game universes to begin with Commander Keen, Quake 4 or Minecraft. So, Minecraft is not the only game which uses this alphabet. In Minecraft, it is usually renamed the alphabet of enchantment since it appears with the table of enchantment.

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