Minecraft Enchanting Table Language Guide

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In Minecraft world, there is a thing called Minecraft enchanting table language. It is not actually new but some people might still not familiar with it. If you just head this language and have 0 idea of what it is, here is the Minecraft enchanting table language guide for you.

Minecraft enchanting table language is different from English. Each player of Minecraft has to know the meaning and the name of this unique language so that they can understand the game better. The official name of this language is The Standard Galactic Alphabet. It consists of a total of 26 alphabet in this language. Here is the complete list of The Standard Galactic Alphabet:

  • ʖ
  • 𝙹
  • ℸ ̣
  • ̇/
  • ||

Reading those symbols might make your head hurt and it is normal. Therefore, you have to find what are they equivalent to English alphabets. Here is the comparison that will help you in translating any text from The Standard Galactic Alphabet to English. Please read every of it well.

  • ᔑ is equivalent to A
  • ʖ is equivalent to B
  • ᓵ is equivalent to C
  • ↸ is equivalent to D
  • ᒷ is equivalent to E
  • ⎓ is equivalent to F
  • ⊣ is equivalent to G
  • ⍑ is equivalent to H
  • ╎ is equivalent to I
  • ⋮ is equivalent to J
  • ꖌ is equivalent to K
  • ꖎ is equivalent to L
  • ᒲ is equivalent to M
  • リ is equivalent to N
  • 𝙹 is equivalent to O
  • !¡ is equivalent to P
  • ᑑ is equivalent to Q
  • ∷ is equivalent to R
  • ᓭ is equivalent to S
  • ℸ ̣ is equivalent to T
  • ⚍ is equivalent to U
  • ⍊ is equivalent to V
  • ∴ is equivalent to W
  • ̇/ is equivalent to X
  • || is equivalent to Y
  • ⨅ is equivalent to Z

With the comparison in hand, you will be able to easily translate any text from the unique text called The Standard Galactic Alphabet to English. For instance, if you want to translate the English word “Gameplayerr” to The Standard Galactic Alphabet to English, the result will be ⊣ᔑᒲᒷ!¡ꖎᔑ||ᒷ∷∷.

Have you ever wondered what your Minecraft item enchantments actually say? Have you ever dreamt of reading The Standard Galactic Alphabet used in the enchanting tables? Now it is possible for you to know what the Minecraft item enchantments actually say and how to read The Standard Galactic Alphabet. If you think it is too much remembering or looking at each alphabet one by one, do not worry. There are even some tools with the ability to translate The Standard Galactic Alphabet instantly to English. The translator works easy. All that you have to do is to find any The Standard Galactic Alphabet on any sites, enter or copy the text, and you will be able to see the output instantly on the right column. It’s that easy.

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