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Are you waiting for the launch of Minecraft Dungeons on PS4? If so, you are not alone because other PS4 users also wait for it. Indeed, the Minecraft Dungeons will be available soon on some popular platforms including Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Then, when the Minecraft Dungeons will be released?

When the Dungeons will be released on PS4?

Of course, there is a fact related to the time when the Minecraft Dungeons will  be released. As we got the information from any sources in which the Dungeons game will be set to release on May 26, 2020. Certainly, you just wait it for few days ahead.

Unfortunately, many Minecraft players are getting worried for the launch of the game. However, the pandemic of covid-19 is still having a big effect across the world. Of course, it only happens to the other gaming industry, that’s Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3  to be pushed back.

So, we all hope that the launch of Minecraft Dungeons will goes as planned.

What is the Minecraft Dungeons?

In fact, the Minecraft Dungeons is as the fourth spin-off the game for Minecraft team at Mojang. This game is launched as a great challenge of the players to have higher-skill. In this game, you have to find a place called Dungeons. Furthermore, Dungeon is a small and quite room which is generally connected to the caves.

The Dungeons is the Minecraft structure that appear in the Overworld. Generally, Dungeons has the size of 5×5, 7×7 and 5×7  blocks. Definitely, it is made up of cobblestone and mossy cobblestone. So, finding the Dungeons is an easy little bit difficult way. So, it is so normal if just some of Minecraft players are getting successful to find this place.

Why this game is so hard? Certainly, it is not just finding a place called Dungeons, but you also have to face the monsters inhabited in Dungeons. When you are in Dungeons, of course, the monsters will appear from an unexpected side. That’s why many Minecraft players are failed on this challenge.

What is the price of Minecraft Dungeons for PS4?

For the price of Minecraft Dungeons, there are various prices. But, the price probably will be same across for all platforms. The price would be £14.99 or £16.74 ($19.99) based on where you buy it from. Ensure that you take into the account for delivery fee for any physical code of the Dungeons.

Can we pre-order for Minecraft Dungeons for PS4?

Unfortunately, you cannot get the Minecraft Dungeons on pre-order purchase for PS4. It is because the Minecraft relationship with Microsoft, so, pre-order purchase is only available on Xbox One and Windows PC. For PS4, you just can buy and download the Minecraft Dungeons on release day.

Indeed, the Minecraft Dungeons will be popular among Minecraft players because it offers you so fun but challenging game. By playing this game, you probably will have a higher-skill in Minecraft.

So, if this game is already released, of course, you have to buy it soon without thinking anymore.

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