Minecraft Dungeons Pre Order for Nintendo Switch

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Minecraft Dungeons is going to take you in a whole new direction. Please forget about building a house and cultivating a farm, it is time for you to save the world. This dungeon crawler game is going to see you and your friends pick your way through an epic combat driven quest.


Nintendo Switch players are able to get their hands on Minecraft Dungeons on 26 May, 2020. That is if all goes according to their plan. Apparently, COVID-19 lockdowns around the globe have already caused delays to the games like Fortnite and Last of Us II, while Minecraft Dungeons has been already pushed back once. It sounds like Minecraft Dungeons must dodge any last-minute setbacks, but you never know.


We get information that Nintendo Switch players are unable to pre-order Minecraft Dungeons. Amazon, GAME, and most good retailers are going to be selling Nintendo Switch versions of the game, but they are not taking pre-orders. But, because the game is sold via digital download code, so you have to get it on release day. Even without the shops being open. When released, the game will be just £14.99 ($19.99) which is a bargain. Unfortunately, there is an extra version which cannot get by Nintendo Switch players.


Nintendo Switch players will not get access to the Hero Edition. This is only available to Xbox and PC players. This extra version of the game give you a few nice features:

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • Chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs (coming soon)

The addition of those DLC packs are going to be good, and who does not want a chicken companion. As we said before that Hero Edition is currently only available to Xbox and PC players and will cost £24.99 ($29.99). The DLC packs are going to be available to all when they come out, and you know Minecraft will create those skins available too for a price. So, even though you cannot get the Hero Edition, it is likely you will still have access to the content at some point.


Now, you may be curious about will Minecraft Dungeons have crossplay. As we know that Crossplay is a feature which allows any two online players to play the game together, regardless of their platform. You have to note that while Minecraft itself does have crossplay for all platforms, Minecraft Dungeons will not launch with it for Nintendo Switch players. It is expected to be added at some point. But for now Nintendo Switch players will only be able to adventure with each other. Notice that all the consoles were finally able to hook up in the base game, we expect crossplay to enter Minecraft Dungeons soon. But, it is going to be post-launch definitely.

We are able to conclude that in this time Nintendo Switch players cannot pre-order Minecraft Dungeons, so you have to be patient.

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