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In Minecraft, everyone is able to build a redstone device using an observer that automatically harvests your pumpkins as they grow. The design of this farm works with any kinds of plants as long as they grow from a vice such as pumpkins and melons.

There are some materials that you have to gather if you want to build this automatic farm. Those materials include:

  • 2 hoppers
  • 1 observer
  • 1 water bucket
  • 4 redstone dust
  • 9 stones
  • 1 iron hoe
  • 2 bone meal
  • 1 melon seeds
  • 1 pumpkin seeds
  • 1 piston

Feel free to use either pumpkin seeds or melon seeds in this farm design. In order to build this automatic farm, please follow these steps:

  1. Place 5 stone blocks.
  2. Dig out the corner block.
  3. Use the water bucket to fill the hole with water.
  4. Use a hoe to turn the grass block into farmland.
  5. Plant either pumpkin seeds or melon seeds on the farmland.
  6. Place a piston.
  7. Place an observer.
  8. Place a stone with redstone dust on top.
  9. Add more stones with redstone dust.
  10. Dig out blocks so the water flows under the observer.
  11. Make the hole deeper and then add a hopper.
  12. Add a second hopper.
  13. Add bone meal to speed up the growth of the pumpkin or melon vine.
  14. Watch how this farm works. When the plant matures, it grows a pumpkin or a melon from the vine.
  15. When the pumpkin or melon appears, it activates the observer which powers the piston and breaks the pumpkin or the melon. Sometimes, the pumpkin or the melon falls into the water. Besides, the pumpkin or the melon also can be pushed towards the hopper on the other side. Either way, it will get stored in the hopper. That explains why there are two hoppers.

In this example of the automatic farm, you will create a 1 block water source and plant pumpkin seeds on a block of farmland beside the water. The bone meal is used to speed up the growth of the pumpkin or melon seeds into a vine. A dirt block is left for the pumpkin or melon to spawn. The observer is placed on one side of where the pumpkin or melon will appear and a piston on the other side. Both the observer and the piston are connected by redstone dust. As the pumpkin or melon grows up, it will form a pumpkin or melon on the block to the right of the vine.

The pumpkin or the melon will be detected by the observer and the observer will send a redstone pulse which will power the piston and break the pumpkin or melon. The pumpkin or the melon will either get pushed behind the farm or fall in the water. There are two hoppers to store those fruit drops. The first one will catch the ones that fall into the water and another will catch the ones that are pushed behind the farm by the piston.

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