Minecraft Color Codes for Usernames

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When you play the game of Minecraft for a long time, you may will bored having the same character. Besides, you may also get bored having the same username. There are lots of users who change their username. But, only a few users know that not only username itself can be changed, but also its color. If you want to change color for your username, so you are able to read this entire article. Here, we are going to talk about that.

Changing the color of username is able to help the player to stand out among others. Aside from that, the color is able to distinguish friends among other players on the server. In addition, it simply looks cool and nice. You have to know that Formatting text in Minecraft uses formatting codes. Each of the format codes starts with the § symbol.  In order to submit this symbol, so you are able to press the Alt + 21 key combination.

Apparently, there are various options for formatting the text.  You are able to format text in a chat, text in localization files, text in a pen book, text in tables.  Besides, you are able also to format text in the description of the server, the name of the world, the signature of objects, the names of objects, etc. By default, text in games are able to be changed only in a pen book.  To do this, you have to copy the § symbol, then you have to insert it into the book. After that, you have to enter the desired symbol and write what you want.


Here is a list of color codes which are available in Minecraft:

  • Dark Red: §4
  • Red: §c
  • Gold: §6
  • Yellow: §e
  • Dark Green: §2
  • Green:             §a
  • Aqua: §b
  • Dark Aqua: §3
  • Dark Blue: §1
  • Blue: §9
  • Light Purple: §d
  • Dark Purple: §5
  • White: §f
  • Gray: §7
  • Dark Gray: §8
  • Black: §0

There are several programs that allow you to format text in chat, plaques and other places.  The programs are MCEdit and Essentials. Text in Minecraft is able to be formatted based on two criteria: color formatting and text formatting.  Those two options are able also to be combined. For example, you are able to underline the text of a violet color. To change the color of the username, you have to know the combination of characters which correspond to different colors.  The same combinations are also required for text formatting:

  • §k – changing text.
  • §I – bold.
  • §m – strikethrough.
  • §n – underline.
  • §o – italic.
  • §r – cancel the settings.

To change the color of the text in your username, you have to install the ColorMe plugin, because without installing it changing the color of username will not work.  After you install the plugin, so you are going to have the ability to use the following commands:

  • /colorme list: a command which displays the list of available colors.
  • /colorme: the command which assigns the color needed to change the username.

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