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The resource pack is an API that provides a way for the players to customize the models, textures, sounds, music, languages, fonts and splashes without using any code modification. Resource packs are able to be placed in the folder resourcepacks within the Minecraft folder.

You have to note that each resource pack is either a sub-folder or a zip file within the resourcepacks folder. When in the folder, a resource pack is able to be added from the options, where resource packs are able to be moved between “Available resource packs” and “Selected resource packs”. For your information, “Selected resource packs” contain the default assets on the bottom that cannot be removed. Usually, resource packs load their assets based on the order of the packs. The bottom most pack will loads first, then each pack placed above it replaces the assets with the same name.


If you have played Minecraft using other mods which provide ESP (extrasensory perception) for the player, so you will know what to expect from the Chest Finder Mod. Basically, it allows a very limited sort of x-ray vision that makes chests and only chests pop for the player whenever they are close enough to notice them. Unlike other x-ray mods and resource packs, this Chest Finder cannot be toggled on or off as long as the Chest Finder is installed, it is active. This is able to be a big issue if you decide to go play online and get flagged by several server mod policing program.

You will bet that you are able to get banned quickly for using something like this in online play. Not only does it make an unfair advantage by allowing you to find hidden dungeons, strongholds and other structures which appear in them, but on Factions servers especially, the Chest Finder Mod is going to lead you right to faction bases if they store anything at all in the chests on their land. To make matters worse, different chests are highlighted different colors.

Some mods like this one are really meant for use in single player environments, or maybe at the very best closed LAN games where everyone else you are playing with already knows you are going to be cheating. Because the Chest Finder mod works with Minecraft versions 1.7.10 right up to the most recent release of the client, so it is a widely available mod that can be used in conjunction with a number of other mods.


Now, you may want to know the way to install the Chest Finder, if you want to try installing the Chest Finder, so you are able to follow these easy steps below:  

  • At the first step, you need to download the Chest Finder.
  • If you have not installed Minecraft Forge API yet, so you have to download and install it.
  • Now, you are able to move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  • Finally, you are going to enjoy the Chest Finder.

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