Minecraft Cartography Table Add Pointer

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Minecraft cartography table is the name of the table that can be used for adding pointers to the maps, creating empty maps, and renaming maps. Aside from that, it also has the ability to clone, expand, lock (making them unable to be explored further), and zoom out maps.

There are three methods to find a Minecraft cartography table. The first one is obtained (mining with hand or an ax), the second one is natural (from the house of cartographer), and the third one is crafting (crafting table with Minecraft cartography table recipe).

If you want to secure a map with a lock, you need to gather some materials such as 1 map, 1 glass pane, 1 cartography table. After you have gathered all the materials, you have to select the cartography table from the hot bar first and then hit the pointer to the place where you would like to open the cartography table. Once it is opened, place the map that needs to get locked in the top box of the table. After that, add the glass pane below the map to make a locked map. You will see how a lock sign appears instantly on the bigger box on your right. It indicates that no further information can be added to the map. Do not forget to move the locked map to your inventory corner. Now exploring or travelling around the world will no longer need to add information to the map.

If you want to increase the map size, you need to prepare 1 piece of paper, 1 map, 1 cartography table. To increase it, the first thing that should be done is to open the cartography table. Then, choose the table from the hot bar and use the pointer to select the block where you would like to place it in the game. You can click on it to view the table front. There are two boxes that you will be able to find. On the first one, which is at the top, place the map that has to be enlarged. In the second one below, put a paper. As soon as you put these, you will find an enlarged map in the large box. Please tap and collect the enlarged map to your inventory to use it later. When you open the enlarged map, you will see that the map is incomplete because you have to move around the world exploring and adding pieces to the map to complete it.

For those who want to make duplicates of a map, the required materials include 2 maps, 1 cartography table. First of all, pull out the Minecraft cartography table from the hot bar at the location that you want by using the pointer to select the block. On the first box located at the top, please keep the one that must be duplicated. In the box below, please add the empty one. The right box will instantly make two similar maps. You can collect them to store them in your inventory.

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