Minecraft Blast Furnace Recipe Not Working

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When you are crafting an item in Minecraft, you may ever get the issues in which you cannot craft it anymore. It usually happens when you have placed the materials into the box, but the item that you want to craft does not appear. Although, you have placed the materials in the right pattern but it still cannot be solved.

Then, have you ever got the issues when you tried crafting an item in Minecraft?

As most of Minecraft players asked in some gaming forums related to why they cannot craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft. Of course, it leads other players to join into the questions who know they might get an answer too. So, it means that there are so many players that cannot craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft.

How about you? Do you also get the issue that cannot craft a Blast Furnace?

Generally, a Blast Furnace can be crafted easily as long as the players place the materials in the correct pattern. But in fact, not a few players get the issues in which they cannot create a Blast Furnace in Minecraft too.

So, it can be concluded that there is something wrong that happens in the Minecraft system. Besides, the issues that the players get can be caused in their device or internet connection or too many cache or gaming bugs.

As we know that a Blast Furnace is a kind of block in Minecraft that can commonly be used to smelt ores, some tools and metal armor. This Blast Furnace works twice faster than the furnace (or regular furnace).

Of course, you will need this item to try smelting the ores. Then, when you know that there is a useful item in Minecraft, you automatically will try crafting it in the crafting menu.

Unfortunately, the crafting menu does not show the item in the available result box. So, we guess that you are disappointed at all. Then, you will look for the solution by asking the problem solving to other players, won’t you?

When you get the solution to your problem, of course, you seemingly get a BIG jackpot as well.

Because you are coming to this page to get a BIG jackpot, of course, we do not want to make you disappointed. Well, we are here to give you a solution that we totally know about.

Generally, why you cannot craft a Blast Furnace, at least, there are some things that you have to recognize. They are:

  • The issue probably can be caused as you place the materials to create a Blast Furnace in the wrong pattern. Make sure that you place the materials in the right pattern.
  • The issue can be related to your internet connection and the device you’re using to play Minecraft. So, check your internet connection.
  • Make sure to use the smooth stone to make a Blast Furnace. Evidently, there are some players who are using stone or cobblestone to craft a Blast Furnace. But, in fact, to be able crafting a Blast Furnace, you have to use smooth stone. So, you can smelt cobblestone twice, first to make stone and then to make the smooth stone.

Well, there are three solutions that you can try to solve the issue. Good Luck!!!

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