Minecraft Best Resource Packs for Shaders

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Some people get confused with resource packs and shaders. Some of them are looking for the best resources packs for shaders when there is no one about it. In fact, resources packs and shaders are two different things. For those who are looking for the best resources packs for Minecraft, here is the list of it.

  1. Conquest 32×32 Resource Pack

Conquest 32×32 Resource Pack has slightly higher resolution textures than the vanilla graphics, but it will not impact performance that much. The medieval themed resource packs are suitable with Minecraft because the items and elements in vanilla Minecraft would fit easily into a medieval world. All of the textures in this one have had a rework, but most of the attention has been focused on the building materials. You can expect more realistic stone, wood, and metal. If you want to make a medieval castle or village, this one is a perfect choice.

  1. Modern HD Pack 64×64

For those who are fans of creating modern buildings and architecture in Minecraft, you will like the Modern HD resource pack. Aside from having a selection of new minimalistic textures for the building materials in Minecraft, all of the textures in this one are far higher quality compared to the vanilla textures. You are able to use any block in Minecrfat to make a beautiful modern home when using this resource pack. In addition, all of the in-game paintings have also been reworked to showcase modern pieces of art.

  1. Sphax PureBDCraftx128

This one is a high resolution Minecraft resource pack that takes a different approach by cartooning all of the textures in the game. The end result is amazing. As for the game world, it is far more colorful, and the over the top art design never gets boring. A lot of care and attention has gone into each last texture, from building blocks to mobs. This resource pack always gets updates regularly, so it is perfect if you are looking for the one that you can stick with forever.

  1. oCd Texture Pack

oCd Texture Pack is the kind of a Minecraft resource pack that has been inspired by the pixel art seen in a lot of modern 2D games. the graphics might be pixelated but every block is clearly defined and the textures do not have any jagged harsh edges like the vanilla textures do.

  1. default 3D

have you ever realized how all of the textures in Minecraft look flat? The Default 3D resource pack changes this one by adding 3D versions of all of the basic textures. With it, the entire world is filled with more character. All the steps on ladders actually stick out from the surface they are located on. brick walls have obviously defined bricks and cobblestone blocks look as hard and rugged as you would expect cobblestone to be in the real life. The great thing about it is that it still uses the basic vanilla Minecraft textures as a basis, so it is able to be a god way to enhance your visuals without changing too much.

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