Minecraft Automatic Sugarcane Farm without Observer

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Do you want to make a sugar cane farm? There are some designs that you are able to make in Minecraft and one of them is using an observer. However, you may want to make an automatic sugarcane farm without an observer. You are able to make it now because here we will explain how to make an automatic sugar cane farm without an observer.

In Minecraft, making a sugar cane farm with an observer is categorized into a fully automatic design. Fully automatic designs will automatically harvest and collect sugar cane. Usually, it relies on some sort of redstone clock or growth detection. These designs are usually expensive to build and more lag prone than other designs. Nevertheless, if you use this design, you will get a large amount of sugar cane.

There are four types of automatic sugar cane farms including stationary, flying, sim-tick and zero-tick. If you want to make the stationary design, you have to do it by using a daylight sensor or other clock circuit. With it, the semi-automatic piston design can be made fully automatic. If you want to make it more lossless, you have to add another layer of pistons above the original one. If you play in Bedrock Edition, these designs can be an alternative to flying machines that are hard to create and use for this goal.

You can make other variations such as the diagonal design which uses a hopper clock rather than a daylight sensor. Instead of using a clock, some designs use observers to harvest the sugar cane. If you do not want to use observers, you can use a clock. If you make the design with an observer, it uses space inefficiently compared to the clock method. Because all the pistons activate anytime sugar cane grows, usually they are less lag efficient as well. When you construct it, the sugar cane will go on the dirt and rails run where the Minecart is shown.

Flying design is another design that you can choose if you want to make a sugar cane farm without an observer. The use of flying machines and hopper minecarts is able to be combined to make some of the most efficient farms. Generally, the designs of flying machines use only a few pistons and do not create lag except when you harvest it. Usually, it is the preferred type of design when making a large farm. The main disadvantage to farms such as these is that they are able to break if unloaded while running. Because of this, it is able to be risky to have these run without supervision.

Besides the designs above, you are also able to make semi automatic farm designs. Those are water canal design, piston harvester and bone meal design. If you want to make a water canal design, you have to build a double rowed design. After that, you have to put dispensers which contain water buckets to control the flow of water. If you remove the water streams with the dispensers, it will cause the sugar cane to break so you are able to pick them up and replant.

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