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In Astral Sorcery mod, Constellations are a key mechanic. There are 16 constellations as of version 1.10.19 and 5 of them are bright, 4 of them are faint and 7 of them are dim. Do you know what are they? Here we will inform you about this Constellation list.

As we explain above, the types of constellations are bright, dim and faint. What are the differences among these types of constellations? Bright constellations are visible to the player and they are possible to find from the beginning. They are the only constellations which a player can attune themselves to, and grant perks upon doing it. You are able to discover these constellations using a Looking Glass, Observatory or Telescope.

How about Dim constellations? They are only visible after a player has attuned themselves to a constellation. Rock and Celestial Crystals are able to be attuned to these constellations. A Telescope or Observatory is required for these constellations to discover. They are able to be used for all purposes besides attuning players. Faint constellations are only visible to an attuned player by using an Observatory. However, they are able to be used to augment the rituals of other constellations.

Now, here is the Constellations List of Astral Sorcery Mod.

Name Visibility Trait
Aevita Bright Creation
Discidia Bright Offense
Vicio Bright Motion
Armara Bright Defense
Evorsio Bright Destruction
Horologium Dim Time
Lucerna Dim Light
Bootes Dim Herding
Fornax Dim Heat
Pelotrio Dim Convocation
Mineralis Dim Mineral
Octans Dim Ocean
Ulteria Faint Tenacity
Alcara Faint Resonance
Vorux Faint Ferocity
Gelu Faint Frigidity

If you want to find constellations, the appropriate Constellation paper must be acquired by you first. It will show the image of the constellation in the Constellation tab in your Astral Tome. After that, they need to be found by looking through a Looking Glass or Telescope at night. If you use the paper as a reference, you need to trace the constellation out on either device using the mouse. If a constellation has been found, it will be shown permanently in the night sky when it is in view and extra information is added to the Constellation tab in the Tome.

Have you used this Astral Sorcery mod? On February 12th, 2017, Astral Sorcery was first released in Beta for Minecraft version 1.10.2 by HellFirePvP. If you have never used this mod, you may not know what this mod is about. This mod is mainly focused at night but it does not mean that you are not able to progress with the mod during the day.

Astral Sorcery mod is based very much around finding stuff in the world. Before you begin this mod, it is very recommended for you to be able to install a mapping mod such as Journey Map to make tracking a little easier. Do you want to use this mod for Minecraft? If you want to use this mod, you are able to download it. Where can we download it? You are able to download it in the CurseForge. If you access the CurseForge site now, you are able to see that this mod has been downloaded more than 22 million times.

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