Minecraft Anvil Says Too Expensive

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Do you find that anvil says “too expensive” in Minecraft? Well, you may be confused why it can be like this. Is there any problem with the items that you combine or rename? Okay, we will inform you about it here so that you will  not get wrong with it.

The anvil is mainly able to be used to repair tools, armor, and weapons, and it is able to do without stripping their enchantments. Also, it is able to be used to combine the enchantments of two items, to give an item an individual name, or to crush enemies or other players which walk beneath it while it is falling. All its functions will cost experience levels, and some have material costs, except for damaging mobs and players.

So, here are the five basic functions of anvil.

  • It can be used for renaming any item. It includes normal blocks. However, you need to note that most blocks will lose the rename when they are placed.
  • It can be used for repairing a “tiered” item with units of its material. Let’s take an example. Iron ingots can be used to repair iron tools and armor. Items which are acceptable for repair have the material to use in their default name, except for chainmail (repaired with iron ingots), turtle shells (repaired with scutes), and elytra (repaired with phantom membranes).
  • It can be used to combine two items of the same kind and material that have durability such as iron pickaxes, bows, shears, etc. The durabilities combine the same as using a crafting table, and the enchantments are combined with the rules.
  • It can be used for combining a tool with an enchanted book to add the book’s enchantment to the tool. It costs much less than combining enchantments from two same items, and it is able to give enchantments to items that they could not get at an enchanting table.
  • It is able to used for crushing any players or mobs who happen to walk under or be under the anvil while it is falling.

If it is important for you to know that if you want to rename items, it is able to be done in the similar work step as repairing or combining as long as the experience cost is not too high. In the survival mode, the anvil is able to apply only 39 levels worth of work in a single operation. In case the job costs 40 or more levels, then it will be rejected as “Too Expensive”. However, it does not apply in Creative mode.

So, you have to make sure that you do not make any mistakes so that it will not say “too expensive” again. You have to check if anything is right there so that you will get it right. Well, if you still need some information about it, you are able to visit some Minecraft forums. There, you are able to find some threads about it so that you will more understand about Anvils, why it says “too expensive” and many more things about it.

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