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Are you looking for an Anvil cost calculator for Minecraft? As you know that if we talk about anvil, you are able to combine items with anvil. So, you may want to know the results of combining the items that you will do and you need an anvil cost calculator.

There is an online Anvil Cost Calculator that you are able to access at https://sunnypwang.github.io/Anvil-Calculator/. This is an anvil calculator that you are able to use for combining tools. This is a simple client-side web application which can help you to calculate XP that is needed for anvil works.

The features that you are able to enjoy on this online anvil calculator are listed below.

  • There are all enchantable tools available and it includes books.
  • For each tool, there are compatible Enchantments and their available levels list.
  • Incompatible enchantments handling.
  • Swapping Target and Sacrifice tools.
  • You are able to set a prior work penalty for each tool slot.
  • Display total XP cost including the result tool after combining.
  • A log displaying calculation breakdown for each enchantment.
  • Responsive design.

If you access this anvil calculator web app, you are able to see that the design of the site is very simple. It makes users easier to use it. There is a Target box and Sacrifice box there. In both boxes, there is a prior work penalty. In the Target and Sacrifice boxes, there are options of the items including Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots, Bow, Crossbow, Trident, Fishing Rod and Book.

Under it, there is an Add Enchantment button that you are able to press if you have chosen the target and sacrifice items. In the right side of these boxes, there is a Swap Tool check box, a Find Cost button, the Cost and the result box.

Anvil in Minecraft is a block which permits you to be able to repair items, combine enchantments and rename items. Anvil can be crafted by yourself. If you want to craft an anvil, you will need a total of 31 iron ingots and it includes 27 for three blocks of iron.

As a subset of repairing one item with another, the anvil is able to transfer enchantments from the sacrifice to the target. It can have an effect which is synergistic when both items share identical enchantments. Or, you can simply add to each other when they do not. For example, two Sharpness II swords are able to be combined to make a Sharpness III sword. Or, a pickaxe with Efficiency is able to be combined with one that has Unbreaking. It is able to generate enchantments and combinations that are not possible with an enchanting table. But even so, some enchantments are not able to be combined if they are the same, or contradicting, in terms of what they do. In case the target is damaged, you have to pay for the repair and  the transfer.

If you transfer high-level enchantments, it is more expensive, and if you rename an item, it has an additional surcharge. The anvil has a limit of 39 levels and if it is beyond that, repairs are refused. However, in the Creative mode, this limit is not present.

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