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In Minecraft, the Aether is known as a popular content mod which includes the Aether realm, the opposite of the Nether that includes a few of the new blocks, items, and mobs, as well as a whole new accessory system.

In Aather, there is a thing called glove. What are gloves? Do you know what gloves mean in Minecraft Aether? If the answer to the question is not, please read the whole article so you will be able to add the new information about Minecraft Aether gloves.

Gloves are able to be worn on your character with the new accessory system. They are worn on your hands and are also able to be seen in the first-person view. They provide the extra protection for the player and, with a few special armor sets, are required to activate the Set Ability. Aside from that, they also provide the extra damage based on the materials used to craft them.

Apparently, gloves are crafted with two resource items. The first one is placed on any slot of the first column and the second one is the same line of the third column. Available craftable ones include Iron, Gold, Leather, Diamond, Gravitite, and Zanite, while the non-craftable ones include Neptune Gloves, Obsidian Gloves, Chain Gloves, Phoenix Gloves, and Valkyrie Gloves, which are available through Dungeons. For those who do not have any slightly idea, dungeons in the Aether are more complex compared to the one in the normal world. Every of them will have a boss which has to be defeated in order to get the key required to open the gray chest located inside the dungeon boss room. Blocks which make up the main structure of the dungeon are not able to be destroyed or obtained until the boss of the dungeon is defeated.

Gloves Information:

  • Type: Gloves
  • Durability: Yes
  • Physics: No
  • Transparency: No
  • Luminance: No
  • Tool: No
  • Renewable: Yes


Gloves Durability Damage
Leather 49 +2
Golden 68 +2
Chain 146 +2
Iron 146 +3
Zanite 146 +3
Gravitite 322 +3
Valkyrie 293 +4
Diamond 322 +4
Neptune 322 +4
Phoenix 322 +4
Obsidian 322 +4


  • Leather + Leather = Leather Gloves
  • Iron Ingot + Iron Ingot = Iron Gloves
  • Gold Ingot + Gold Ingot = Golden Gloves
  • Diamond + Diamond = Diamond Gloves
  • Zanite Gemstone + Zanite Gemstone = Zanite Gloves
  • Enchanted Gravitite + Enchanted Gravitite = Gravitite Gloves

For those who want to know more about the Minecraft Aether gloves, here is the trivia of them. First, gloves used to have the unlimited durability, but they do not have any damage bonuses. Their only purpose was to complete an armor set. Second, the only possible enchantment you are able to put on gloves is Unbreaking.

If you want to know more about the Minecraft Aether gloves, it is better for you to dig the information from some reliable sources such as Wiki, CurseForge, Gamepedia, and so on. If you have any question, please try to seek help from the community.

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