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Do you want your character in Minecraft to wear an Aesthetic capes? You are able to do that as long as you have the aesthetic capes. If you do not know where you can get it, you are able to read this article which will help you.

In Minecraft, capes are rare vanity items. Previously, they are known as cloaks. Capes are worn in addition to the skin of the player. How to obtain capes in Minecraft? According to the Minecraft Gamepedia, you are able to obtain them on someone’s own on Java Edition. Even though there are various mods that permit players to get one, but it is only visible to that player, or in some cases, other users of that mod.

However, in the Bedrock Edition of the game, there are some skins from various skin packs which include capes. Minecraft players on Java Edition who have one or more capes legitimately, they are able to choose which to wear by going to their Minecraft profile. For Minecraft players on Bedrock Edition, they are able to equip or unequip certain capes for their skin through the Character Creator.

Is there any site which provides aesthetic capes for Minecraft? You are able to try to access Planet Minecraft that can be accessed at planetminecraft.com. On that site, you are able to find aesthetic Minecraft Banners and Capes. The aesthetic capes that you are able to find are listed below.

  • Aesthetic Earth Cape [Avocado]
  • Aesthetic Earth Cape [Rose Gold]
  • Aesthetic Earth Cape [Breathing Crystal]
  • and some more.

According to Minecraft Gamepedia, there are some designs of capes. The first one is Mojang Capes. Mojang Capes have two types including old design which has brown and yellow color and the updated design which has red and white color. Second, there are Minecon capes.

Then, there are also Minecraft Festival capes. This cape will be given out to attendees of the convention which is held in Orlando sometime in Fall 2021. You can also find Temporary Capes including Christmas 2010 Cape, New Year 2011 Cape and 1st Birthday Xbox Cape.

How about Personal Capes? This design has a lot including Bacon Cape, Millionth Customer Cape, dannyBstyle’s Cape, Julan Clark’s Cape, cheapsh0t’s Cape, MrMessiah’s Cape, Prismarine Cape and Turtle Cape.

There are also other capes such as Crowdin Translator Cape, Crowdin Chinese Translator Cape, Scrolls Cape, Cobalt Cape, Mojira Moderator Cape, Realms Mapmaker Cape, and Xbox 360 MC Cape. There are also Bedrock Edition Capes including Minecon Live 2019 Founder’s Cape and Pancape.

Are there skin pack capes? Yes, there are. Those are Enderdragon Wings Cape, Devil’s Cape, Bride’s Cape, Evil Wizard’s Cape, Wicked Witch’s Cape, Male Spartan’s Cape, and Female Spartan’s Cape.

So, from these capes, what capes do you want to have for your skin? If you want, you can get the one that you like. Well, that’s all the information that we are able to give to you about capes including the aesthetic capes. Hopefully, it helps you in finding what you are looking for.

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