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Do you use Advanced Generators mod? If you use this mod, it means that you need to know much about this mod including about Heat Exchanger. If you know much about it, you will be able to use this mod maximally. So, what is Heat Exchanger in Advanced Generators mod?

Heat Exchanger by Advanced Generators

Heat Exchanger by Advanced Generators mod is a structure that you are able to use to produce steam in this mod by using water and lava. Do you want to build an external heater? If you want to make it, it can have any form. It is a multiblock structure which are able to include 1x Heat Exchanger Controller, 1-50x Heat Exchanger, 1-5x Fluid Intake Valve, 1-6x Fluid Output Valve, 0-10x Sensor Module, 0-6x Item Output Port, and 0-10x Redstone Control Module.

In the GUI of Heat Exchanger of Advanced Generators mod, there are water amount, lava amount, obsidian amount, steam amount, heat exchanger’s state, clear internal buffers button, and output configuration. One of the things that you will be able to see is Heat Exchanger’s state. In the Heat Exchanger’s state, it will contain information about current heat, maximum heat transfer, heat loss, lava consumed and steam produced.

Here are the mechanics that you need to know in the Heat Exchanger of Advanced Generators mod.

  • There is an internal temperature which is measured in Heat Units (HU) in this Heat Exchanger.
  • You are able to use Hot fluids to transfer heat to the system which then can be used to heat other substances.
  • The exchanger will begin heating fluids only when its temperature is above 150 HU.
  • The temperature will not be able to go above 1000 HU.
  • Some heat will be lost every tick. More heat will be lost when temperature increases.
  • Every exchanger module can increase the maximum heat transfer per tick by 16 HU.

About Advanced Generators Mod

As explained above that this Heat Exchanger is added by Advanced Generators mod. This mod is by bdew based around creating modular power generators. Its blocks are able to be used to make free-form multiblock structures that are able to support multiple power systems. You are able to make the resulting machines in any shape and configuration.

These generators are able to be used to generate Redstone Flux and Energy Units simultaneously from a diverse list of fuel types. As a player, you are able to use components to be able to create three types of massive multiblock machines. Those are listed below.

  • Syngas Producer
  • Gas Turbine Generator
  • Steam Turbine Generator
  • Heat Exchanger

If you have not used this mod yet, and now you may just look for some information about it, you are able to use it now for Minecraft. So, you are able to know how the Heat Exchanger works by this mod. Also, you will be able to enjoy other features and functions of this mod. If you access the CurseForge site, you will be able to see that Advanced Generators mod has been downloaded more than 17 million times which means that a lot of players use this mod due to its awesome features.

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