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You may ever get your server getting crash when you are playing Minecraft. However, it is a normal issue in which you surely will get this trouble anytime. When you are playing a game, crashing server will happen. So, if you get your server crashing when launching Minecraft, certainly you do not have to shock with it.

The crashing server when playing a game definitely can make you so stress. But, not only you that get the trouble. Certainly, almost every gamer over the world will ever get this trouble when launching a game, so as for Minecraft game.

The Minecraft is well-known as a famous-easy game in which the server will work well when players are launching it on any devices. Unfortunately, now, Minecraft server also often have a trouble in crashing server. Of course, it makes many players getting disappointed with it.

But, need to know that the Minecraft developers also do not find the exact causes yet why Minecraft server often get the crashing.

Generally, the crashing server is caused by any factors either internal and external. But, there is a sign when you are getting your server crashing.

Furthermore, you can find a sign of crashing server in a Saving Chunks or Shutting Down internal server screen. The most general cause of crashing server are mods, many bugs, error updates, preexisting bugs, the expired versions of server and many more.

Then, modifying the files of original Minecraft can also cause the server crashing. Too many bugs in Minecraft are totally a main cause of crashing server.

When Minecraft server is getting crash, it is so important for you to keep a copy of your save folder (located in the %appdata%/.minecraft directory on Windows systems or ~/.minecraft/ in linux). The file surely can reduce your losses a world to become corrupted.

So, those are the causes why the Minecraft server is often crashing.

So as with the Minecraft server called MCProHosting. As a great Minecraft server hosting, eventually, MCProHosting also will get any crashes.

Of course, the causes also are similar with the common Minecraft servers. In this case, the MCProHosting often get the crashing server when accessed by many players of Minecraft.

Certainly, the crashing server of MCProHosting is caused by too many users accessing this server. Besides, the MCProHosting will be crashing when many players are doing mass TNT for blowing the stuff up. Then, the server automatically will inform you that the server is crashing.

Then, if you get the pop up when you access MCProHosting that says “The server is stopped responding”, it means that too many players are blowing the stuff up for mass.

So, the main thing that you have to do when getting the MCProHosting crash is to stop playing Minecraft. Then, close the Minecraft player. It is better for you to wait for a while after the Minecraft is off.

After that, you can try to reboot the server. Well-known that rebooting the server when getting crash is a best way to get it back to normal.

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