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In MCProHosting, you are able to install Forge and Mods on a Minecraft server. In the Youtube channel of MCProHosting Youtube channel, you are able to find a video tutorial of how to install Forge and mods on a Minecraft server.

If you want to install Forge, it is recommended for you to install WinRar. To start with installing Forge, you have to start by clicking stop on your servers Control Panel to stop your server. If your server is fully offline then it is recommended for you to take a backup beforehand. Click the backup tab on your servers Control Panel and click Create backup. Once the backup has finished, you have to go back to your Control Panel. Now, you are able to proceed to download Forge for installation on your server.

You can start going on to the Minecraft Forge site. At the left side of that site choose the version of Forge you want to run. If you have chosen the version, you wish to run under Download Recommended, click Installer. After clicking on that, you will be taken to an ads. Once five seconds have passed, you have to click skip at the top right. It will proceed to download the Forge version installer you chose. Save that Forge Installer file to easily accessible location on your PC. Next, click on the installer and it will open a Minecraft Forge Installer.

On that installer, click the circle next to installer server and then click the dots option and it will permit you to select where you want Forge installed. If you have chosen the proper location, click Open. On your Minecraft Forge installer, click Ok and it will proceed to install the Forge version. Locate the folder you installed forge in its files add. In that folder, you will see a libraries folder a folder universal jar file in a Minecraft server a jar file along with some other files. Choose and delete the forge installer a jar file. It will be the file ending in installer.

Now, you have to right click and rename the Forge file ending in Universal the name custom jar. If you have renamed that file, you will have to log into your servers FTP using an FTP client. In the video, they use FileZilla for help with logging in to your servers. Once you are logged into your servers FTP through an FTP client, choose all of the Forge files in that folder and drag and drop those files into your servers FTP. Allow those files to fully upload. After permitting those files to fully upload, go back to your servers Control Panel.

If you want to know more about installing Forge and mods on a Minecraft server, you are able to watch the video on the MCProHosting channel. If you also need more information about modded server in MCProHosting, you are able to access MCProHosting official site and also you are able to join a forum and then ask other people about it.

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