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Do you know what plugins are? According to Cubed Host site, plugins are used to change and enhance Minecraft server content which is existing. They are used server-side only which means that players are not required to take any extra steps to connect to a server running plugins. Essentials, GriefPrevention and WorldEdit are some of popular plugins.

Talk about Plugins, there are some video tutorials that you are able to watch on the Youtube channel of MCProHosting. Some of the videos are listed below.

  • How to Manually Install Minecraft Plugins which was uploaded on May 18th, 2018.
  • How to Install MCProHosting’s Plugin Packs which was uploaded on June 29th, 2018.

So, how to install Minecraft plugins manually? According to a video uploaded on MCProHosting channel, there are two ways to install a plugin on your server manually. Those are via FTP using your Control Panel and via Filezilla. If you want to install plugins on your server, you have to login to Multicraft.

Minecraft plugins modify the behaviour of Minecraft in game to add features such as custom scoreboards, admin commands, GUI, and more. Your server will have to be running a server type capable running Bukkit and Spigot Minecraft plugins. The server type of Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, Cauldron, MCPC+ and Thermos permit service to support Minecraft plugins. Before you install MInecraft plugins, you have to login to your servers Control Panel and then click on the Stop button to stop your server.

If your server is not already on a server type that supports Minecraft Bukkit, Spigot plugins, you will have to change your server type. When changing the server type, you have to take a backup beforehand. You are able to change your server type by clicking Server Type on your servers Control Panel. Then, you will have to choose a server type that supports plugins. In the video, you can see that they use the latest version of Spigot 1.12.2. If you have chosen that server type and version, then you have to click on Change Server Type to install that server type.

Now, you have to go back to your service Control Panel and click Start to permit your server to generate a plugins folder. If your server is online, click Stop to ensure your servers offline. Now, your server is ready to support Minecraft server plugins.

As explained earlier that there are two methods of installing Minecraft plugins. In the video, you can see that they show you both methods. If you want to install a plugin on your server via FTP, you can go to your service control panel. Once you are on your servers control panel, click on Files and then click on FTP Files Access. It will open your servers web FTP. In your servers web FTP, you have to locate the folder named plugins. Click the folder and now you are in your plugins folder. Now, you can proceed with locating and downloading a plugin you wish to install manually. Do you want to see what next thing to do? You are able to watch the video on MCProHosting Youtube channel entitled How to Manually Install Minecraft Plugins.

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