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Where do you usually find mods, maps, skins, seeds or texture packs? Is it on the MCPEDL site? Now, you may be looking for SCP Add on. If you are looking for SCP Add on, you are able to find it on the MCPEDL site.

One of SCP add ons that you are able to find on MCPEDL site is SCP Foundation Add on V3. This add-on features new mobs from the SCP universe into Minecraft. And the interesting thing is that each mob from this add on will have their own ability.

In this add-on, there are 7 types of normal items and also 3 SCP items. What are they? You are able to check in the list below.

  • Door Rotator. You are able to use the door to rotate them.
  • Pizza slice is able to get from trading with Scientists, Researcher and SCP-458pizza box.
  • P90 is able to get from trading with scientists.
  • P90 Ammo is able to get from trading with scientists.
  • Empty P90 is able to get from trading with scientists.
  • Keycard-1.¬† Now, there is only one, but it will have more in the future, and you can use on Containment door
  • It will protect you from the effect of SCP-053 for a period of time.

In this mod, there is SCP-049 which can also be called plague doctor. What is it? It is a mob which will infect villagers and turn them into zombies just like the normal zombie. You are able to give the red flower for SCP-049 and it will be docile for 30.

There is also SCP-053 in this add on. It appears as a little girl and she will be able to give you a heart attack if you come close. She will also follow any mob in her eyesight. You can also find SCP-939. It will eat any animal and humanoid. It can imitate the sound of any mob and it will  make a very loud noise when hurt. They are not able to attack you if they are not able to hear you.

There is also SCP-019 in this add on. What is it? It is a monster pot. If you touch it, it will crawl out of the pot and kill you. You are able to destroy it by holding the diamond pickaxe in your hand and pressing the button.

How about SCP-999? You can find this mob from this SCP Foundation Add on V3. SCP-999 is a friendly mob which will be around you and will give you resistance effect and saturation. Another thing that you can find in this SCP Foundation add on V3 is SCP-066. This is a weird looking red thing which you can also call it as Eric Toy. They will be around and do no damage to the players. If you approach it, it will have a very loud noise. This thing can also knock you out with.

Do you want to know more things from this add on? You are able to access MCPEDL site and then find this add-on. If you are interested in it, you can download it there.

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