MCPEDL Mods Xbox One Mutant Mobs

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9 mutants have been added to New Mutant Creatures Add-on in Minecraft Bedrock with amazing powers. For those who are looking for an add-on to increase the game difficulty a few notches then it is a perfect one, meaning that the world will be a lot harder as every mutant is much stronger than their predecessors. Apparently, neither of the mutants get affected by fall damage or knockbacks.

There are seven mutant mobs, here is the explanation:

1. Mutant Zombie & Husk

Mutant Zombie & Husk is basically a beefed up version of the ordinary zombie. Both of them have three stages and when the mutant is knocked out, it will rise and get stronger. They can summon minions that are a bit stronger and last for 20 seconds. The body of it is much bigger and this positively affects its power to fight and it also runs faster.

2. Mutant Creeper

They have four legs and a crooked neck that make them look like a spider and as a result a little bit scarier. They cause much bigger explosions while attacking but once it has defeated at low health, run away. In the past, they were afraid of ocelots but as a mutant, they take their revenge.

3. Mutant Stray & Skeleton

Mutant Stray & Skeleton have become more skillful archers as they now fire arrows at the same time. Both of them hunt players and wolves. They all have two stages. Once they are defeated, they will rise and shoot arrows with tnt. Please do not get too close to it.

4. Mutant Wither Skeleton

This one has never looked more frightening. Compared to the Mutant Skeleton and Stray, it is more dangerous. It owns two stages and at the last one, do not run away from it. With its big sword, it will deal a lot of damage.

5. Mutant Zombie Pigman

Mutant Zombie Pigman is a neutral creature that will only attack to defend itself. This one has three stages and will be able to have common minions that are much stronger and last for 20 seconds. With its huge golden sword, it will deal a lot of damage. Killing one will drop a lot of gold ingots, gold nuggets and rotten flesh.

6. Mutant Wolf

Mutant Wolf is slightly bigger than before and also stronger. Any kill that it attacks will take the food of the animal. Once it’s tamed, you are able to ride it similarly to riding a horse and are also able to jump while riding. Feel free to try using colored dyes on it.

7. Mutant Drowned

Mutant Drowned is such a powerful creature in the deep seas that will find lurking underwater. This one swims extremely fast in the deep sea. It will summon minions that might own a tridarn and last for 20 seconds. With the big trident of it, it will deal a lot of damage for melee and range mode. There are three stages and at the last defeat one will drop a lot of items.

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