Make an Immersive RPG Experience on Minecraft

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Do you want to make an immersive RPG experience in Minecraft? If the answer to the question is yes, you are able to make it possible by getting some things such as Curse Launcher, OptiFine, Better Foliage, Sound Filters, Chunk Animator, Dynamic Surroundings, and Pixel Reality Luminance, as suggested by Amaxter.

You have to gather all these and then follow the instructions explained by Amaxter on his official Youtube channel. Actually, there is no step by step to make an immersive RPG experience in Minecraft. The video only shows how to get all the things mentioned above and you are able to get the immersive RPG experience on Minecraft just like that. In case you have something to ask, feel free to leave a comment under the comment section so that the owner of the channel or the other people can help you.

  1. Curse Launcher

Curse Launcher is the name of a collection of Minecraft community modifications of mods that are usually used to extend the look and feel of vanilla Minecraft. To download Curse Launcher, you need to visit the official website of Twitch. There, find the Download button and click it. By doing so, the Curse Launcher will be saved to your Download folder. You need to double click the installer icon to install the Curse Client. Once it is installed, please click Launch to start.

  1. OptiFine

Optifine refers to that one mod that helps you to adjust Minecraft effectively. This mod makes the game run more smoothly and use less resources. Beside, it enables you to run resource or texture packs without installing more other mods. It is normally able to double or triple your FPS.

  1. Better Foliage

Better Foliage can be described as a mod that will make your Minecraft worlds more impressive, usually by improving how vegetation looks. This one strives to be compatible with the other visual enhancement mods. It is 100% cosmetic and client only. There is no effect on the server, and it features in the world cannot be interacted with.

  1. Sound Filters

Sound Filters is a little client side mod that makes sound more interesting. It adds reverb to caves and mutes sounds when you are underwater and when the sound source is behind a wall.

  1. Chunk Animator

With Chunk Animator, new chunks are able to be animated to either appear from below or above. This mod should not impact FPS considerably because all it does is render chunks somewhere else.

  1. Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Surroundings alters the visual and audible experience of the player in Minecraft, and does not alter game mechanics. You have a high degree of control over your experience, mudpack authors are able to customize biome and block effects based on your need.

  1. Pixel Reality Luminance

Pixel Reality Luminance is such a realistic lighting with vanilla textures or any other pack. This one is a perfect alternative to shaders if your machine just cannot handle them. To use this, you need to get OptiFine.

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