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Do you want to find biomes in Minecraft? If so, you are able to use a command. This command can be used in Java Edition and also Bedrock Edition. What command is it? And, how to use it? We will explain about it below.

In Minecraft, biomes are regions of terrain. It has various geographical features, vegetation, elevation, mobs, temperature and sky color. Every generated world is separated by biomes into different environments such as jungles, forests, deserts and taigas.

If you want to find a biome in Minecraft, you are able to use the command /locatebiome. It will display the coordinates for the nearest biome of a given biome ID in the chat. According to Minecraft Gamepedia, the syntax is locatebiome <biome ID>. If the biome is invalid, you will get an error message saying that there is no biome named <Biome ID>. If the biome is valid but it is not able to be found, then you will get an error message saying that it could not find a biome of type <Biome Name> within reasonable distance. If the system is successful in finding a biome, then you will get a message saying that the nearest <biome name> is at [<x> ~ <z>] (<distance> blocks away).

In Java Edition and in Bedrock Edition, the syntax is different. In Java Edition, the syntax of this command is locate <Structure Type>. In Bedrock Edition, the syntax of the command is locate <feature: Feature>. The Structure Type in Java Edition and the feature: Feature in the Bedrock Edition specifies the structure to locate. You can see the use of it below and you can see that the use in Java Edition and in Bedrock Edition is a little bit different.

  • Bastian remnant

Java Edition: bastian_remnant

Bedrock Edition: bastianremnant

  • Buried treasure

Java Edition: buried_treasure

Bedrock Edition: buriedtreasure

  • Fortress

Java Edition: fortress

Bedrock Edition: fortress

  • End city

Java Edition: endcity

Bedrock Edition: endcity

  • Woodland Mansion

Java Edition: mansion

Bedrock Edition: mansion

  • Mineshaft

Java Edition: mineshaft

Bedrock Edition: mineshaft

  • Monument

Java Edition: monument

Bedrock Edition: monument

  • Nether fossil

Java Edition: nether_fossil

Bedrock Edition: –

  • Ocean ruins

Java Edition: ocean_ruin

Bedrock Edition: ruins

  • Pillager outpost

Java Edition: pillager_outpost

Bedrock Edition: pillageroutpost

  • Ruined portal

Java Edition: ruined_portal

Bedrock Edition: ruinedportal

  • Shipwreck

Java Edition: shipwreck

Bedrock Edition: shipwreck

  • Stronghold

Java Edition: stronghold

Bedrock Edition: stronghold

  • Village

Java Edition: village

Bedrock Edition: village

  • Desert pyramid

Java Edition: desert_pyramid

Bedrock Edition: temple

  • Igloo

Java Edition: igloo

Bedrock Edition: temple

  • Jungle pyramid

Java Edition: jungle_pyramid

Bedrock Edition: temple

  • Swamp hut

Java Edition: swamp_hut

Bedrock Edition: temple

It is important for you to know that in Java Edition the structure type is case-sensitive so that you must be careful when you are using it. If you want to find biome in the Nether Update, you are also able to use the /locatebiome command. In the Nether Update, this command is a new command which was introduced.

So, if you want to find biome in the Minecraft world, you are able to use this command. You can try it now and good luck!

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