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Are you looking for the leveling RPG Player for high performances on Minecraft? If the answer to the question is yes, RPG Player Leveling might be the one that you are looking for. What is the thing called RPG Player Leveling?

RPG Player Leveling can be described as a unique plugin of its kind that adds an amazing atmosphere. There are all the functions needed by your RPF servers. The features of RPG Player Leveling include:

  • UUID
  • Support Bungee Cord
  • MySQL & Local files
  • Support Multiple Servers
  • Player leveling system
  • A lot of stats
  • A lot of item attributes, can be used on items and armor.
  • The plugin works on item name and lore.
  • Unique experience system
  • You are able to adjust the number of experiences with mobs.
  • More experience for those who donate.
  • Holograms: Damage, Block, Crit, Dodge, Exp
  • 3 Fighting style: Melee, Ranged, Mage
  • The unique Durability system
  • ActionBar animations, messages, info
  • BossBar animations, messages, info
  • Mana and power system!
  • Potions of mana and power and health
  • Unique system for upgrade items (Drilling slots, create arcanes, using scrolls of protection X, Y, Z)
  • Level prefix in chat
  • KITS – A unique system of Kits
  • Admin commands
  • There is a special menu in which you have to upgrade player stats.
  • Big configs. More settings. Adjust the plugin for yourself.
  • Support multi-translation
  • Supported plugins:

o   PartySystem


o   MythicMobs

o   ConquestiaMobs

o   RPGInventory

o   Simple Sit

RPG Player Leveling is able to be found in Spigot. In order to access this site, you will need to make an account. After you have created one, you can just log into it. If you want to buy the RPG Player Leveling, you can buy it for 9.90 Euro. When the payment is confirmed, you will be allowed to download it.


  • Update to Spigot 1.13.2

o   Bug fixes

o   You need to update your ItemAPI and BaksScoreboard to the newest version. It may contain errors.

  • Update to 3.9.26

o   It fixed a critical bug that allowed you to reset the start points using any scrolls.

  • Update to 3.9.25

o   It fixed errors related to attributes. Some ways for checking the players level reworked.

  • Bug fixes, error fixes

The creator did not keep a list of fixes. However, for the last months of work the plugin on his server, he tried to fix known errors and bugs. Soon as the stable version 1.13 released, he will update plugin to Spigot 1.13

  • Update 3.9.05

o   A few changes in Damage.yml. You are now able to use attribute Level, using this format. For instance Level: 10+.

o   Some bug fixes.

  • Update 3.9.02

o   Additional fixes to the mechanics of the mage

o   Attribute protection now works in %

o   Added attribute who disabling standard armor protection

  • Update 3.9

o   Fixed bug when player repair skull, he lost skin

o   Bug fixes

o   Bug fixes

o   Bug fixes

o   Added support for RPGHEalthIndicator

o   Added the ability to make healing wand

  • Update 3.8.4

o   Fixed error with PartySystem

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