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When you are in Minecraft for the first time and then you see a grey creature, you may wonder what it is. Do you know that it is called Vindicator? Yes, it is a vindicator. But, there is also Johnny Vindicator. What is it? You have to know about it since you are Minecraft player.

About Vindicator

In Minecraft, Vindicators are mobs which are humanoid, hostile and villager-shaped. You are able to find them in the Overworld in woodland mansions and also in raids. Vindicators are categorized into one of five types of illagers. The other of illagers are pillager, evoker, illusioner, and ravager. For your information, illager are one of the main antagonists in Minecraft since the 1.14 update. The word ‘illagers’ is short for ‘ill-willing villagers’.

The appearance of Vindicators are the same as villagers. But, they have grey skin instead of tan. Their clothing is also different. They are able to spawn in the Overworld in woodland mansions in groups of 1 to 3 depending on the size of the mansion. Sometimes, they are accompanied by an evoker.

How about their behaviour? If a vindicator sees a villager, player, wandering trader, or Iron Golem, usually it will get an iron axe and will charge at the target which then attacking once in melee range. For your information, its iron axe has a chance to be enchanted, scaling with the difficulty level of the game as with other equipment. Even though vindicators are allies with pillagers, they will be able to attack a pillager who has shot them unintentionally. If vindicators spawn in woodland mansions, they will be neutral to players.

Johnny Vindicator

There is a vindicator named Johnny. It is hostile to every mob except ghasts and illagers. All hostile or neutral mobs try to attack the Johnny vindicator in return except for phantoms, endermites, guardians, slimes, magma cubes and ravagers. The Johnny tag ovverides its name. You are able to give the vindicator any other name and set the Johnny tag to 1b. If you do that, it remains hostile in the similar way as described. You are also able to name the vindicator Johnny and set the Johnny tag to 0b. So, it will cause the vindicator to act as a normal vindicator. If you name a vindicator spawn egg ‘Johnny’ and using it on a spawner, it will have no effect.

If you want to watch some videos about Johnny Vindicator on Youtube, you are able to watch some videos as listed below.

  • A video of JessicatMC entitled Minecraft: A Vindicator Named Johnny… which was uploaded on November 18th, 2016.
  • A video of Pixlriffs entitled Johnny Vindicator Passive Mob Farm! – The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Let’s Play) [Part 245] which was uploaded on October 25th, 2019.
  • A video of docm77 entitled Minecraft 1.11 Easter Eggs – Vindicator & Evoker which was uploaded on October 1st, 2016.

You are able to watch these videos to see and know Johnny vindicator. So, have fun, guys!

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