Is Thunderlord Good Hypixel SkyBlock?

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When you are playing the game of Skyblock, you totally will find the Thunderlord. What is it and what is its function in the Skyblock game?

Thunderlord is a kind of sword that you can use in Skyblock games. This is included in a list of enchantments in which you can improve other gears including hoes, armor, pickaxe, shears, axes, shovels, bows and fishing rods.

The function of the Thunderlord sword is to strike a monster with thunder every consecutive hit dealing 10% of your strength as damage per level.

Here is the level effect of Thunderlord:

  • I – 10
  • II – 20
  • III – 30
  • IV – 40
  • V – 50

The gunpowder V as the collection of this sword is in level IV.

As a veteran Skyblock player, you may often use this sword to strike monsters and any damage. Then, we guess that you really understand how to use it and what you will get by using this sword. But, for you who are a newcomer to Skyblock, you may be confused about how to use it and get the higher damage level.

If you find it really difficult to use this Thunderlord sword in Skyblock, you do not have to worry. It is because you are not alone that has this problem.

The confusion of how to use the Thunderlord sword whether it is good to use or not, it certainly leads some newcomers of Skyblock to make a thread on the Hypixel forum. Why did they choose Hypixel to get an answer?

As we know that Hypixel is the biggest server which works for any popular games, one of them is Skyblock. On Hypixel, you also can find the Hypixel forum that allows the members to discuss the topic related to the game as you’re playing.

Well, the topic about Skyblock games also has a specific category on this forum. Generally, most Skyblock players will make a thread to get the answer about the performance of each sword. You need to know that Skyblock is one of the newest games on the Hypixel network. This game is currently available for everyone to play.

Is Thunderlord Good Hypixel SkyBlock?

Then, there are many threads about Skyblock Thunderlord discussed on the Hypixel forum. Most members ask the question about “Is Thunderlord good on Skyblock?

Certainly, there are some players that answer the Thuderlord is worthy to use. But, some of them also do not recommend using this sword. Why?

Many members said that the Thunderlord is basically cosmetic but it gives effectiveness to use. But, the Thuderlord sword will not give you a high expectation of using it on Skyblock. The Thunderlord V deals 50% more damage to an enemy for every third hit. Then, if you hit the monster with your first and swap to your sword, of course you will only have to hit it 2 times for the double damage.

Well, we can conclude that the Thunderlord is good to use if you are okay to get 50% damage and hit the monster 2 times. But if you want to get more level damage, this Thunderlord sword is totally not good for you.

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