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You may often see vindicators in Minecraft. They are grey and usually they are able to be found in the Woodland mansions. But, how about invisible vindicators? Have you seen them? Well, since it is invisible, they may not be able to be seen, right?

First, before we find out about invisible Vindicators, let’s find out about Vindicators generally. In Minecraft, Vindicators are mobs which are humanoid, hostile and have a shape like villager. You are able to find them in the Overworld in woodland mansions and also in raids. Vindicators are categorized into one of five types of illagers. Illager are one of the main antagonists in Minecraft since the 1.14 update.

The appearance of Vindicators are the same as villagers. But, they have grey skin instead of tan. Their clothing is also different. They are able to spawn in the Overworld in woodland mansions in groups of 1 to 3 depending on the size of the mansion. Sometimes, they are accompanied by an evoker.

Do you know how they behave? If they see a villager, player, wandering trader, or Iron Golem, usually they will get an iron axe and will charge at the target which then attacking once in melee range. For your information, its iron axe has a chance to be enchanted, scaling with the difficulty level of the game as with other equipment. Even though vindicators are allies with pillagers, they will be able to attack a pillager who has shot them unintentionally. If vindicators spawn in woodland mansions, they will be neutral to players.

According to DigMinecraft site, Vindicators are available in a lot of versions of Minecraft and here they are.

  • Xbox One: supported (CU44)
  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) : supported (1.11)
  • Pocket Edition (PE): supported (1.1)
  • Xbox 360: supported (TU54)
  • PS3: supported (1.51)
  • PS4: supported (1.52)
  • Wii U: supported (Patch 24)
  • Nintendo Switch: supported (1.04)
  • Windows 10 Edition: supported (1.1)
  • Education Edition: supported (1.0.18)

Now, how about invisible vindicator? From a search that we have done, vindicators being invisible can happen because of bug. In the bugs.mojang. com, we found some information that it is a bug but now it has been resolved. This bug happened after dying to a vindicator, when the player tried to get their items back, they kept getting attacked by an invisible vindicator. Players expected that the vindicator did not turn invisible after they died to it. If now, you find this kind of issue, you are able to try to left the world and then get back in.

In some forums, you are also able to find thread about this bug and if you experience this bug now, you are able to visit forums which discuss about it and there you will get the methods that you can do to fix this issue.

Well, talk about invisible thing, in Minecraft there is invisibility. It is a Status Effect which can make a player temporarily to other players or mobs. This status effect only can affect the base character model. So, any Armor which is worn or even items which are held by the user are still able to be seen to other players. This status effect is able to be obtained from two sources including Potion of Invisibility and Arrow of Invisibility.

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