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Do you like iBallisticSquid Youtube channel? You may often watch his videos on Youtube and now you want to know the Minecraft Server IP of him. Well, here we will inform you about it so you have to make sure that you do not miss any part of this article.

About iBallisticSquid

The real name of iBallisticSquid is David Spencer. He was born on January 29th, 1992 and he is an English Minecraft Youtuber from Yorkshire, England. His Youtube channel is iBallisticSquid and now he has gained more than 4.16 million subscribers. The total views of his Youtube channel is more than 2 billion and it is known that he joined Youtube on March 10th, 2011. He is famous for his funny humour and spirit throughout his videos.

He is better known as iBallisticSquid, Squid Nugget, Squiddy or just Squid. You may wonder why he can be successful. One reason for it was his collaborations with other Youtubers. One of them is Stampy which is sometimes seen in videos of Spencer. Also, iBallisticSquid joined L for Leeeeee x who helps out in his videos like Stampy. Besides, he is part of a joint channel named the “MagicAnimalClub”. iBallisticSquid also played with ashdubh, his best friend. He has a lot of fans worldwide. And according to Wikitubia, now he is slowing down on YouTube, because he is moving into the property business.

There are some trivia about him. Here are some of them.

  • He has many spiders.
  • He has another account and its name is SquiddyPlays on which he plays games other than Minecraft.
  • In several other Minecraft videos, the nickname _Squiddy_ is seen on his Youtube account picture.
  • His Minecraft PC name is misspelt. It says iBallistiicSquid instead of iBallisticSquid. It is because iBallisticSquid has been taken.
  • There is another account of him named SquiddyVlogs which he vlogs on.

Minecraft Server IP of BallisticSquid

Do you want to know about his Minecraft server IP? You may want to play Minecraft on his server so that you need to know his Minecraft server IP. On his Twitter account @iBallisticSquid, he posted to answer a question from others that the server IP is the-reef.eu. You are able to try to check it. Or, you are able to try to ensure it by asking him in his Twitter account or you are able to come to a Minecraft forum and find out about it.

If you access Minecraft Server List site, you are able to find Squids Server. We do not know whether it is Squids which is iBallisticSquid since another name of his is Squid. However, you are able to try to access this server. The server IP is In the description, it is written that it is a server to chill out with new people. You are able to come in and have fun there. However, this server does not really have much that is special about it. There are some rules on this server including no griefing, no being a jerk and also if you advertise, you will be muted.

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