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Ranks in Hypixel are items which are able to be bought. They are able to give players on Hypixel various cosmetics. But, can we get it for free in the Hypixel store? Here, we are going to explain about it. So, you have to make sure that you do not miss any part of this article.

In Hypixel, you are able to buy ranks in the Hypixel store. Ranks will appear beside the name of a player in lobbies and when they are chatting. Usually, players will begin with the default rank, a rank which is colored gray that can give the player basic benefits. There are also Donator ranks. They are able to be bought to earn more cosmetics, while other ranks either are able to be bought in the Hypixel store, or given to players under a certain criteria.

In the Donator Ranks, there are other ranks such as VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+, and MVP++. Besides the Default rank and Donator Ranks, there are also Helper Ranks, Moderator Ranks, Youtube Ranks, Administrator Ranks, Build Team Ranks, and Owner Ranks. Some Ranks are special include Mojang Rank, MC Pro Hosting Rank, Apple Rank, Sloth Rank, Angus Rank, Events Rank, Mixer Rank, MCP Rank and Pig Rank.

What ranks do you want to get? Is it possible to get free ranks in the Hypixel store. After we did a search about it, it seems that it is impossible for you to get a free rank. However, there are ranks which are able to be obtained if you meet the requirements. So, you do not have to pay for some money to have it. What rank is it? It is Youtuber Rank. It is a special rank on Hypixel and it will be given to content creators who meet the requirements. What requirements do you have to meet? Here they are.

  • You need to have 30,000 or more subscribers for gaming channels with regular Minecraft content.
  • You need to have 100,000 or more subscribers for gaming channels with irregular Minecraft content.
  • You need to have a reasonable number of views per video. It can be 1000 or more views in a few days of release on all videos.
  • Your channel must be active and produces original gaming content regularly.
  • You have uploaded some Minecraft related videos and they are not necessarily Hypixel Network related.

If you want to get this Youtube rank, you have to apply for it. To apply for it, you are able to submit an application via the emailĀ creators@hypixel.net. It is recommended for players to use the Youtube channel’s business email and include the IGN in the application.

You are able to get more information about Hypixel Store Free Ranks on the other resources and Hypixel forums. In Hypixel forums, you are also able to ask about the things that you want to know about Hypixel store free ranks and other things related to Hypixel. If you need more information about Hypixel, you can also read the other articles on this site.

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