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If you have joined Hypixel for a longer time, we guess that you will be interested to be a person included as a Hypixel team, don’t you? If so, of course, you are not totally wrong at all. In fact, there are many members of Hypixel that really try applying to be a Hypixel staff.

But to be someone who is important on Hypixel is not as easy as you imagine. At least, there are some factors that you have to think about before you decide on applying for this position. Here are some factors:

The Requirements of Being Hypixel Staff

To be a Hypixel staff, at least there are some requirements that you should fulfill. Make sure that you have all requirements asked by Hypixel Application staff. The requirements of Hypixel staff show as follow:

  • You must be at 16 years old.
  • You must have access to Team Speak with a working microphone.
  • You need to have VIP rank or above on the server.
  • You must not be staff on any other server, not even your own.
  • Minimal understanding of game development processes
  • Skilled in office line of applications (excel, docs, etc)
  • Sociability, open mind, and friendliness
  • Strong communication and team working skills

Of course, the requirements of staff on Hypixel will be different for each position. As we know that there are some positions on Hypixel included as staff position. Above, we just show the requirements in general.

To be a Hypixel staff, there are three key qualities that should be owned by applicants. They are:

  • Has a history of doing cool stuff
  • Cares about Players
  • Self-Driven

If you feel you have all of the key qualities, you surely will have a chance to be staff on Hypixel.

Tips and Trick Before Applying for Hypixel Staff

Of course, you will need to look for any tips and tricks if you want to apply for the Hypixel staff position. In this case, there are some challenging ways that you can follow.

When you apply for this position, you have to show to the Application Staff what you have done relevant to the area where you are applying. Then, you can show your work through YouTube videos, websites, screenshots, and links to GitHub. Well, the Application Team will not compile and run any code for initial review of applicants.

When you are failing to get a response from Application Staffs, it means that they are not interested in your application. Because of too many applicants, the Application staff truly cannot reply to each by hand. So, your job is just to wait for their response.

What is a kind of project that you can show to the Application team?

For this project, you can think of the application like an elevator pitch for yourself. Then, keep it short, brief, snappy and put at least a unique thing that makes them think of you next. For example:  “Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to see the examples of my work.”

Well, are you still interested in being one of the Hypixel staff? Why not try applying to be staff on Hypixel soon. Make sure that you already read the requirements.

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