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Recently, the new Skyblock update has just launched giving the players access to new ways of compacting items named sacks and a personal compactor. We are sure that you come to this page as you want to know that information. Please read this entire article to find out that information.

Apparently, there are 24 new items and a new sun/moon icon next to the time of day in the scoreboard. The items are:

  • Personal Compactors
  • Agronomy Sacks
  • Husbandry Sacks
  • Mining Sacks
  • Combat Sacks
  • Foraging Sacks
  • Fishing Sacks
  • Slayer Sacks

In our opinion, while the new sacks are nice, we feel the slayer sacks should be counted as an accessory as they are extremely expensive for a sack and we are already lacking on talismans as it is. Overall we think this update was great, a few more useless sacks, but still a great update.

  • No large slayer sack recipe available.
  • We cannot confirm the functions of rare and epic personal compactors.

Each sack is created with a small backpack surrounded by a certain item, usually 16 of it, then to upgrade is surrounding the small sack with 32, and 64. For all sacks, it is the same item, except for slayer sacks. The first tier is 8 viscera, then 8 tarantula silk, and 8 golden teeth, each tier requires a higher slayer level than the last to craft, While we cannot provide the exact slayer levels, we are able to confirm Sven 8 unlocks the large slayer sack. For your information, Slayer sacks are crafted as follows:

  • Recipe unlocks
  • Small is rev 5
  • Medium is Tara 6
  • Large Sven 8

Personal compactors are a new accessory that compacts a certain item in your inventory into the enchanted form. To configure it, you need to place 1 of the enchanted items into your inventory ex. Enchanted string, and all picked up will be compacted.


Skyblock is a new game on the Hypixel. Currently, it is available for everyone to play by clicking on the NPC in the Prototype lobby, by executing the command /play skyblock or by pressing on the head icon in the server selector menu. Skyblock has seven skills that you are able to level up. Every skill starts at I (1) and can be trained till it reaches L (50). When you level a skill up, you are going to get +4% (with most of the skills) of the activity that specific skill helps you with. Also, you are going to get some additional things that we will not mention since those will vary per skill and level.

Enchanting is a big part of Skyblock, having strong gear and a good sword definitely helps a lot when it comes to killing mobs, and grinding XP and coins. Level 64 is the maximum level. To reach this level you have to own enchantment table in the middle surrounded by bookshelves placed 5 by 5, and 2 high. You will be able to get levels fairly easily by mining the ores, and killing the mobs in the mines.

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