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Are you planning to buy the rank at Hypixel and wanting to know the prices? This is the perfect page for you. In this page, you will be informed of the Hypixel rank prices. Please keep in mind that the prices listed here may not be accurate. The Hypixel store will always have the most accurate information about the prices.

1. Default Rank

Default rank is the name rank that is automatically given to you when you join Hypixel for the first time. It can only open 1-3 starred mystery boxes, and only gets a mystery box from the delivery man per month.

2. VIP

VIP is the first and the least expensive donator rank. This one costs you $6.99 to get it and it lasts forever. It is able to be purchased at Hypixel store. It gives you the power to fly in the lobbies and be able to open 4-star mystery boxes. Aside from that, the rank also takes away the hcat filter, gives you a housing mailbox and jukebox, and the /fw command. In addition, you also get 5 mystery boxes each month by the delivery man. On top of that, you get to bypass the queue if Hypixel is full and get into skyblock when it is updating.

3. VIP+

VIP+ is the second donator rank. This one costs $14.99 and lasts forever. You are able to buy it at Hypixel store. It has the same power as VIP rank, but you get two extra things. One of them is that you are able to create guilds, and the other is that you get a wild ocelot pet. Apart from that, you get into skyblock when it is updating and get to bypass the queue if Hypixel is full. Another thing that you can get is 10 mystery boxes per month from the delivery man.

4. MVP

MVP is the third rank and it cost $29.99. This one lasts forever and is also able to be purchased at Hypixel store. You get everything from VIP+ and so on. You are able to open 1-5 star mystery boxes and crafted mystery boxes are only 150 mystery dust. Beside, you also have access to the /stats command. It is a good purchase for more dedicated players to the server.

5. MVP+

MVP+ is the fourth donator rank and it is perfect for you if you play on the server a lot. It lasts forever, like the others. You get more than twice as many benefits than MVP. The perks include 14 exclusive gadgets, the ability to open 5-star mystery boxes, and over 229+ exclusive cosmetics. You also get the map selector for Bedward, Skywars, and Murder Mystery.

6. MVP++

MVP++ is the fifth and the last donator rank. This one is for the most dedicated players. It is only donator rank that does not last forever. It cost $7.99 for 30 days, $21.99 for 9 days, $39.99 for 180 days, and $70.99 for a year. You get almost two times as many benefits than MVP+.

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