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What is Pit? Do you know it? It is a persistent minigame on the Hypixel Network. This is also known as The Pit. On February 26th, 2018, it was released into the Prototype Lobby and then on April 21st, 2020, it was released as a full game. Talking about This Hypixel Pit, are there any forums about The Pit in Hypixel? Yes, there are, but first let’s find out about The Hypixel Pit itself.

The Hypixel Pit is a PVP minigame where players will drop into a map and battle in a free-for-all scenario. The players will also receive gold and experience for buying available items or advancing levels. The players will spawn in a persistent minigame complete with items, levels, and perks which can be bought in the mini-lobby above the map before they drop from the lobby into the map. They will begin with a combination of Chainmail and Iron Armor, and Iron Sword, a Bow and 32 arrows. Players are able to drop into the map or use a slime launcher to be able to battle other players and get XP and Gold to progress in the game.

In the Pit, gold is the main currency. It can be used to buy items and upgrades at their respective NPCs. How to obtain gold? It can be obtained by killing players, picking up gold drops, participating in events, completing Contracts and completing Quests.

In this game, there are also levels. It is a ranking system for The Pit that is advanced by getting XP. XP is able to be earned by killing players or participating in occasional Events and also the free participation XP which is earned randomly while in a lobby. Each level of this game requires an ascending amount of XP to advance. What about prestige? You may have heard about this term in this game. It is a mechanic that resets the level of a player and Gold upon reaching level 120. There are also Bounties which are gold bonuses put on players with high kill-streaks.

If you visit Hypixel website, you are able to find a lot of discussions about The Pit in the Forums section. Here are some discussion forums about The Pit in the Hypixel forums page.

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If you want to access The Pit forums in Hypixel, you have to access the Hypixel website. Then, in the home screen, you are able to click on the Forums menu at the top of the screen. Then, there will be a lot of results of forums that you can choose.

To make you easier, instead of clicking on the Forums menu, you can click on the drop down icon in the Forums menu. Then, you are able to choose New Posts if you want to read new post of forums, or you can click on Search Forums if you want to find specific forums such as Hypixel Pit forums.

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