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MVP++ is the name of an addon rank available in the Hypixel store. This one is an extension of the MVP+ rank. It was introduced on December 18, 2017 and appeared with a few features that included some from the Youtuber Rank along with the other exclusive features. Rather than permanently, this rank is sold in months and years as a subscription, the reason being that the subscription provides a steady income for the Hypixel Network.

Here are the unique features of MVP++:

  • All MVP+ features
  • Golden MVP++ tag
  • Change your + color to the nearest level color you are at
  • New Rank Prefix and Color (+ color varies based on level, default is red)
  • Golden forum frame
  • Join animated forum frame and private forums
  • Auto-Tip (automatically tip people)
  • Open several mystery boxes at once (options for 10-20 and 50-250 at a time)
  • Custom golden join message
  • New unique join message and custom particle effect on join
  • 5 custom emojis
  • Earn 80% more mystery boxes
  • Your “GG” becomes golden after each game
  • Exclusive In-Game Emojis
  • X3 Carpentry and Runecrafting XP multiplier on SkyBlock
  • Limit of 7 guests on SkyBlock island
  • Power to bypass guest limits on SkyBlock islands (up to 10 guests bypassing limit on single island)
  • Currently in beta and only available for Bed Wars, SkyWars, and Quakecraft
  • Access to the Alpha Hypixel Network

Aside from that, there are also a few perks of Hypixel MVP++ rank in the form of commands. Here is the list of the Hypixel MVP++ commands:

  • /nick: This one is the command to access to Nickname. Unlike the YT nick feature, you are able to use this command three times a day, are able to use randomly selected usernames, and are not nicked in lobbies.
  • /stream: This one is the command to open a party and set the amounts of players that are able to join. The options are 12, 16, 24, and 2-100 players.
  • /private party: This one is the command to play private games with friends.
  • /guild tagcolor: This one is the command to change the tag of your guild to gold.

As stated before, you will be able to get the MVP+ features if you purchase MVP++. Here are the features of MVP+:

  • All perks from VIP, VIP+, and MVP
  • Default In Game Chat Prefix [MVP+]
  • Power to change the + to a custom color (unlock colors by leveling in game)
  • Skywars Map Selector
  • Murder Mystery Map Selector
  • Bedwars Map Selector
  • Achievements Tracking
  • Particle Packs
  • Ride and Control Pets (lobbies)
  • Punch Staff (sends them flying in the air)
  • 14 exclusive gadgets
  • Can open 5 star Mystery Boxes
  • Up to 229 exclusive cosmetic items in mini-games
  • MVP+ Avatar Frame on the forums
  • Post Background selection for MVP+

MVP++ is such a unique rank that only lasts for the amount purchased. It is known as an exclusive Rank Upgrade to your existing MVP+ rank. You are able to purchase the rank for either 30 days, 90 days, 180 days or a year. If you want to purchase MVP++, you need to purchase MVP+ rank first.

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