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Apparently, there are many Dungeons items. One of them is Recombobulator 3000. When you come to this page, you may want to know the information regarding how to get Recombobulator 3000. To find out that information, read this entire article.


Recombobulator 3000 is a Legendary Dungeons Item. The Recombobulator 3000 is able to be used in a Reforge Anvil to upgrade an item’s rarity. Although it is able to be used only once on each item, thus only offering for a single rarity increase. This is not a Reforge though. Simply, it increases the rarity of an item. Reforges will be applied afterwards as normal. It is possible to use on most items including itself, although there is no use for doing so. After an item is recombobulated, it cannot increase its rarity any further.


We are sure that you are very curious how to get this Recombobulator 3000. For your information, Recombobulator 3000 is able to be obtained from obsidian loot chests on any Catacombs floor or from killing any dungeons boss 250 times.


Utilizing a Recombobulator 3000 on a rarity will be able to have the following effect:

From To Notes
Common Uncommon
Uncommon Rare
Rare Epic
Epic Legendary
Legendary Mythic
Mythic Special
Special Very Special
Very Special No item comes in a base Very Special state


  • According to the research, it was first teased by Jayavarman on Twitter on May 17th.
  • Increasing the rarity of items are able to amplify item abilities such as the Ink Wand, but in most cases it only amplifies their Reforges. For your information, Ink Wand is an Epic Sword which is unlocked in Ink Sack IX. The statistics of the Ink Wand is able to be further improved with a rare or higher tiered Squid Pet.
  • Recombobulator 3000s cannot be used to mass-reforge talismans.
  • While the Recombobulator 3000 is able to increase item rarities, it does not increase pet rarities. See Tier Boost for more information.


Talking about Recombobulator 3000, you also need to know the information related to Tier Boost. You have to know that Tier Boost is an extremely rare Legendary pet item that was added in the 0.7.8 pets V2 which is used by right-clicking on a pet. It increases the pet’s Rarity by 1 tier. It is able to be crafted using the Tier Boost Core that can be dropped by the Endstone Protector. For example, the Tier Boost will be able to change the rarity of an Uncommon pet into a Rare pet.

For note: The Tier Boost is a Pet Item. It means that it can only be used on pets that have an empty Pet Item slot, and cannot be used in combination with any additional Pet Items. If you use another Pet Item on a pet already equipped with this item, it is going to destroy the Tier Boost, and overwrite it with the new item.

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