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For those who have not heard of the mega-popular online game called Minecraft, the main thing that you have to know is that you are allowed to build things out of blocks in the game. It sounds so interesting, right?

It is true that blocks are all pretty much the same size, but they can come in different colors. It might sound simple but it is really incredible what people have been able to build with such seemingly simple parameters. Talking about the great Minecraft buildings, here are 8 examples of absolutely stunning cathedrals people have made in the game. All of them and huge and highly detailed.

  1. Minecraft: Imperial City Cathedral (with map download) by Imperial City
  2. Minecraft – Cathedral by Keralis
  3. Minecraft Cinematic – Cathedral of Artium by Creolucis
  4. Minecraft Timelapse – Gothic Revival Cathedral by EpicOnline
  5. Minecraft Cesky Best Cathedral (28.M.Dil) by RobinPM100
  6. Minecraft – Cathedral by Biggs87
  7. Minecraft Epic Cathedral (2,082,348 Block used) by GNRfrancis
  8. Minecraft – Epic Cathedral by Keralis

If you want to build a huge cathedral in Minecraft but you cannot think anything as of now, you might want to use Medieval Kingdom Cathedral as your inspiration. This one was created by Broadway2K14. This cathedral is amazing with colors and details. It is huge and there is so much to look at too. The interior is really pretty, so is the huge cross on the wall. On top of that, there are also gorgeous colorful windows and everything is really pretty.

Medieval Kingdom Cathedral information:

Skill level : 23
Object added : 14 Feb 2017
Width : 70
Height : 57
Depth : 71
Block Count : 34434

Blocks you will need:

Stone Brick: 10444
Stone Brick Stairs: 4137
Quartz Stairs: 2933
Spruce Wood Stairs: 1896
Chiseled Quartz Block: 1800
Grass: 1145
Chiseled Stone Bricks: 1125
Quartz Slab: 1121
Quartz Block: 658
Stone: 394
Blue Stained Glass Pane: 372
Torch: 280
View Other Materials: 2674

If you like the Medieval Kingdom Cathedral, you are able to find the blueprints on the site called Grab Craft. Blueprints will make building a cathedral in Minecraft much easier. When you are there, you can use the search box to make the search easier. You can just type in the keyword such as “Medieval Kingdom Cathedral” and you will be able to see the result. In the page of Medieval Kingdom Cathedral, you will be able to find the object details (descriptions, materials, and so on), 3D model, and blueprint. If you want to know the details of this cathedral, you can choose Object Details and if you want to know the blueprint, please choose Blueprint instead.

Aside from Medieval Kingdom Cathedral, you are also able to find about 77 churches in Grab Craft. For more information about them, please visit the official website of it. If you have any questions about the huge Minecraft cathedral, you are recommended to go to the community of Minecraft and interact with the members.

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