How to Use Skins in TLauncher

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As a pro-player of Minecraft, you may be already familiar with Tlauncher. Yeah… That is a kind of skin launcher that you can use to change, add and use the great skins in Minecraft. TLauncher promisingly give you any offers that can make you so proud of this skins launcher.

Definitely, the TLauncher can be accessed for free, but it is also available for Premium users. The good news is this TLauncher allowing the non-premium players to apply the skin to their character without having a premium account. It means that you can simply register whenever you want.

TLauncher presents to get rid of your boring when playing Minecraft with the standar skin and not interesting look. So, TLauncher gives you the worthy thing about the installing and changing your own skin.

Certainly, to be able in using the skins in TLauncher, you have to download the TLauncher first. For the ways in downloading and installing the TLauncher, read also: How to Install TLauncher Skins. On the article, we surely explain it for step-by-step in installing the TLauncher.

Well, after you read the article on how to install the TLauncher, it is so better for you to get started on how to use the skins in TLauncher.

Definitely, there are the ways on how to use the skins that we will explain below. Unfortunately, we did not found it out myself, but we found it on a YouTube video. So, we are going to share it here with you. Here’s a small tutorial how to use and change the skin in Minecraft:

  • Firstly, go to the page here.
  • Secondly, please register on this page by entering your email address and password.
  • Thirdly, wait for few minutes to get the next page.
  • When you are done, select a skin from “Skins” button or upload the skins saved from your computer’s file. Then, out it on (It is located on the top corner the one with 3 stripes)
  • After that, go to the TLauncher page to download it.
  • Then, you have to drag it from your “Downloads” to your desktop.
  • The next step that you have to do is to open the TLauncher. Then, click on the picture with “Tools” and click on “Manage Accounts”.
  • After that, click on the + and select to login with your password at Then, type your email address and password.
  • When you have done with it, please click on “Save Account” and click on the “Home”
  • Then, it may need to show your name from
  • After that, click on “Enter the game”. You can also click on “Install and enter”.

Finally, you will enjoy with your skin and have fun with it.

On the above, you might just find out the new site named Need to know that this is a site to create a worthy alternative to the official Minecraft which is related for the services by providing an amazing design and user-friendly interface.

Moreover, it has its own skins catalog that you can choose to edit or change with TLauncher for your character in Minecraft.

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