How to Use RCON on Minecraft Server

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Are you looking for ways of how to use RCON on Minecraft server? Of course, every Minecraft player will need the ways due to it being related to the protocol server. So, if you really want to master using RCON on Minecraft server, please keep staying on this page to get it.

In this case, RCON means a protocol that allows the server administrators to remotely execute the Minecraft commands. This protocol was introduced in 1.9pre4 which is basically an implementation of the source RCON protocol for Minecraft.

RCON definitely can be used by a server operator and also developer to make some applications which can totally connect and interact with a Minecraft server. When RCON is disabled for your server, automatically you have to enable it so that it will be back to work.

How to Use/Activate RCON on Minecraft Server

Due to coming to this page to know the ways of how to use RCON on Minecraft server, of course, you overall will get it.

Note: The main use of RCON is to allow server owners to control the game servers without direct access to the machine server.

Here are the instructions that you have to follow to activate the RCON:

Step 1: Files Navigation

The first thing that you have to do is to navigate to Files > Config Files that you can find on your Minecraft panel at

Step 2: Choose Server Settings

The next step that you need to do is to choose the server settings. The server settings can be found on the Config Files page.

Step 3: Enable RCON

To activate RCON, you will see the option called enable-rcon. This option will be found at the bottom of the page. It will change the value of the textbox false to be true.

Step 4: Save the Settings

After you changed the enable-rcon to true, it is time for you to save the settings. To save it, you can scroll to the bottom of the page. Then, click on the blue Save button.

Step 5: Restart Minecraft Server

Finally, your way to activate the RCON is done. Now, you have to restart your Minecraft server for changes to apply.

That’s it! You are successful to enable RCON protocol for your Minecraft server.

When RCON has been enabled, of course, it is your turn to keep RCON safe and secure. Certainly, to make the RCON safe, you will need to do some things at all.

In this case, we will also give you some ways of how to make RCON secure.

Step 1: Login to Multicraft Panel Server

You need to log in to your server’s Multicraft panel at But, if you have more than one server, you can choose the server as you want to reset.

Step 2: Files Navigation

In this step, you have to navigate to Files > FTP File Access from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Login to FTP File Manager

After that, you are able to login to FTP File Manager.

Step 4: Locate the File

You can locate the file in your server directory. Then, click on the Edit link on the right.

Step 5: Change RCON Port and Password

In your file, you can locate the line for rcon.port. Then, replace it with a random 5 digit number to ensure that you will be using it or not in another server. After that, locate the line for rcon.password. Then, provide a password for RCON. Ensure you do not share the password to anyone.

Step 6: Save It

After you made the password for RCON, now, you have to click the Save button to save your updated file.

Step 7: Navigate to Main Page

Finally, you have to navigate back to the main page of your server. Then, restart your server for changes to apply.

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