How to Use Crazy Craft Mod

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You may have heard or seen that other Minecraft players or your friends use Crazy Craft mods. They may give positive review about it so that you also want to use it. But, how to use Crazy Craft mod? Is it easy to use it or is it complicated?

In Crazy Craft, there are a lot of mods that you are able to find and use. It also keeps getting updates with more and more being added. Here are some mods that you are able to find and use in Crazy Craft.

  • Better furnacesBibliocraft5ydr3swaq
  • Biomes O plenty
  • Carpenter’s blocks
  • Cars and drives
  • Chatbubbles
  • Chicken bone
  • Crafting pillars
  • Damage indicators
  • Death counter
  • Dogcat plus
  • Dubstep gun
  • Erebus
  • Extra utilities
  • The farlanders
  • Furniture
  • Gravity gun
  • Hats
  • Infernal mobs
  • Iron chest
  • Little blocks
  • Lucky block
  • Lupii’s ladders
  • MC helicopter


  • Minions
  • Mine and blade battlegear 2
  • More health enhanced
  • Morph
  • Mutant creatures
  • Natura
  • Not enough items
  • Orespawn
  • Secret rooms
  • Starminer
  • Superheroes
  • Roguelike dungeons
  • Ruins spawning system
  • Torched
  • Trailmix
  • Village density.
  • Pacman
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Decocraft
  • Witchery
  • inventory pets
  • tardis mod


How to be able to use the mod? If you want to use the mod, of course you have to download and install Crazy Craft. You can start it by downloading the VoidLauncher. It is a mod pack launcher and it will allow you to play Crazy Craft. If you have downloaded it, you can unzip the VoidLauncher folder by double clicking on the file. Then, you have to drag the file from the zip folder to your desktop. Now, the file is ready to use.

Then, you have to open and update the VoidLauncher application by double clicking on the file that you moved to your desktop so that it will open the launcher up. You have to log into the VoidLauncher by entering the information in the boxes including your Minecraft username and password. After that, you just have to leave it. It is the way you log into the VoidLauncher. You need to own a copy of Minecraft because if you do not own it, you are not able to play Crazy Craft. To own the copy of Minecraft, you can buy it from

Now, you need to launch and install Crazy Craft. You need to click on Mod Pack which is located next to the Home button in the top left side of the launcher. After clicking on it, then you have to scroll through the mod packs and then you will see “Crazy Craft 4.0”. After you find it, click on it and then hit the Play button which can be found in the center of the Launcher. Wait for it to download.

Now, you are able to begin a World, join a server and enjoy the features on the Crazy Craft.

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